Wednesday, September 21, 2011

OOTD: Polka Dots and Tweed

Who hasn't seen polka dots and tweed mentioned as two of the top fall trends? Polka dots are feminine, while tweed is menswear inspired. Do they work together? You bet. I pulled out this shirt I owned since before some of you were born, so it's vintage, alright? The tweed skirt is from Loft last year. Add a pair of gladiator wedges. I feel pulled together even though I have been surviving on only 6 hours of sleep and lots of caffeine. 
Vintage shirt
Loft skirt
Ann Taylor sandals
Banana Republic belt
Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses
Pearls from auction


  1. I remember that tweed skirt from last year! Love this outfit, Vicky. Very classy and elegant. I am still on the lookout for a polka dots blouse. I haven't seen anything that caught my attention yet.

    P.S: Did Jasmine make you a new header for Fall =)? So adorable!

  2. Very cute!  I have the same skirt, will have to try it with polka dots...thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Nice outfit!

  4. Yay fall header!!!  You look great Vicky! I would have to say most trends don't go together (you should really just wear one trend at a time) but this is the exception!

  5. PetiteandfabulousstyleSeptember 24, 2011 at 1:22 AM

    I love your outfit all together. I recently developed a love for polka dots. And tweed is my all time favorite since Coco Chanel. ;-)

  6. She did. :) She is doing another project for my blog now. She's a sweetheart.

  7. Thank you, Tara. Can't wait to see your ensemble.

  8. Lovely... I really like the combination of tweed and polka dots... Never thought about it before!

    Check out my blog...

  9. I love this combo and have been looking for polka dot blouse...found one at F21 but it's ginormous..LOL

    Nice to see you back Vicky- can I come shopping with you this wknd? Hehehe :D

  10. I love this combination. It works so well for fall but isnt too heavy;)

  11. Oh, Annie. Thank you! I wish you were here to celebrate with me. :) I am having a great no pressure, no thinking about work weekend, and it's great. I spent a lot of money on Friday to make up for not being able to shop for a month. hehe.

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