Tuesday, September 6, 2011

OOTD: H&M Mustard Pants

These pants I mentioned in my previous post is going around rapidly in the petite blogging community and is receiving a lot of love. I didn't know until I did my previous post that Jean was stalking these pants until it was available for sale on Elle.com. If you were a religious H&M fan, you probably would have seen these pants in their fall ads. Since I wouldn't count myself as one (I used to hate their quality), I missed the debut of these beautiful pants. When I saw it in the store though I immediately fell in love. The color is a rich fall golden mustard color. The fit is a regular rise curvy fit. Everything I have now in my wardrobe are low rise, and I have to say the higher rise pants are significantly more comfortable (although some higher rise pants do tend to make you look like a granny). I got these pants in size 2, which fits like a smaller 4. Most people complain about the fit being too generous. I love the way it fits on me. See how it fits on Jean post-dryer-shrinking. See how Kileen style it with color blocking.
Outfit Details:
Loft top and cardigan
Cole Haan sandals
Michael Kors watch
F21 ring
Valentina bag


  1. Cute Vicky! Love me so mustard! Did you get my DM??? :D

  2. I went to the store yesterday looking for these pants. I didn't find a size 2 but I did get to feel the material. It's kind of thin and wrinkly. I could tell the cut is very generous after seeing them on you and Jean. For $11.00, it's not a bad option though. Thanks for sharing, Vicky!

  3. i love how these pants look on you and you styled it wonderfully!! 

  4. oooh they look great on you Vicky! I love it with that top too!

  5. Love everyone's different styling of these pants...it makes me regret not trying them on!  Maybe if I'm lucky they will still be around the next time I hit up an H & M!

  6. I tried the black pair on today. The length was awkward on me and it was actually really big!

  7. Love this pair of pants, especially the color!!

  8. ooh i think the rise is too high and not flattering at all!  especially w/the blouse tucked in.  I actually don't think this pair of pants looks good on anybody yet.  I'd really like to see it on a taller petite who can fill it out a bit better w/o shrinking.  on top of that, I dont know what the fuss is about.  the mat'l looks wrinkle-prone and poor quality in all 3 reviews.  $11 still doesn't justify it for me.

  9. mustard is not even a colour I would consider...but maybe I will try it next time I hit up H&M! Thanks! oh and btw I'm going to be involved with a eco fashion show at school and one of the outfits has mustard "vintage" leggings. corduray-style. Might be able to post a photo of that on my blog!




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