Sunday, September 11, 2011


This post took me much longer than expected. I almost gave up on it, but decided to follow through. I am so glad I did. It was time worth spending. I had so much fun styling this vest with the suggestion that was given in the request post. I tried to work everyone's suggestions in but after more than 2 hours of photo shoot with Jasmine and 9 outfits later, I decided that it was good enough. So I apologize if your suggestion didn't make it into the outfit today. Let me explain a little bit about this vest. The BR vest is a regular size 0, and is obviously too big and too long for my petite frame. Check Kelly's post to see the before and after alteration pictures of the same vest. I haven't altered this vest yet, so I used a couple of safely pins to pin up the top but didn't try to make it slimmer. So please excuse the bulkiness of the vest in some pictures, and some not so subtle extra fabric sticking out the shoulder. After I finished doing the photo shoot, I realized how versatile a vest can be.  Thank you again for all the suggestions you have given me to help me style this vest. With that said, let's begin.

Jessy created this Polyvore for me. Thank you, Jessy! Here's my version:
Outfit Details: J.Crew ruffle front top, Loft Jeans, MT bag, Ann Taylor platform pumps, Swarovski necklace and bangle.  

My Dressy Ways commented: I love this idea! I wanna play! I see this paired with a bow blouse, print if you have it. A mustard or burgundy color (solid or print) would be perfect. Pair it with dark denim - skinnies or flare legs will work! Lace up booties or heeled loafers, if you have them! Can't wait to see.
This is a little tough. I only have one blow blouse but with ruffles, it's plaid though. Will it work? Let's find out.
 Outfit Details: Gap Plaid Ruffle shirt, Gap legging jeans, Aldo lace up booties, MK watch, LV speedy 25.
What do think? 

Now let's go to Aubrey's suggestions. (She's got 5 for me, haha)
"Tunic-length blouse w/sleeves, preferable in a feminine flowy material. vest, skinny jeans.
 Outfit Details: J.Jill silk blouse, Gap legging jeans, Old Navy wedge booties, LV bag, MK watch.

Another suggestion from Aubrey was to try a sheath dress with vest. I didn't apply the blazer.
Outfit Details: Loft sheath dress, Ann Taylor pumps, Amrita Singh necklace, BR bangle, MK watch, Club Monaco clutch 

And I did try out the "sundress, vest, fedora" combo. :)
 Outfit Details: Gap sundress (hemmed, pre-alteration pictures here), Ann Taylor necklace, Aldo wedge sandals, LV bag, my husband's fedora. :)

Annie and Cee both mention the following look - button-up, black pencil skirt, vest, and pumps. This is one of my favorite looks. 
Outfit Details: Loft shirt, Ann Taylor pencil skirt, Ann Taylor pumps, Chanel m/l flap. 

Here's one with a blazer. I swapped out the black pencil skirt with a beige one since I'm using a black blazer.
Outfit Details: Loft shirt, Loft blazer, Ann Taylor skirt, Ann Taylor pumps, Chanel flap. 

Natalie Tran suggested wearing shorts with it. I swapped out the pencil skirts and added the Express shorts. 
 Last one was done just because I wanted to bring out the green jeans again.
Outfit details: Limited top, Zara jeans, AT pumps, MT bag 

Thank you all again for taking the time to participate. I had a lot of fun putting it together. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know which one is your favorite, and is it worth keeping the vest and pay the alteration fee?


  1. This is awesome, Vicky! I still need to post up the outfits that people suggested to me too! I haven't had time to constantly change & take pics, but I'll be slowly doing it. haha Now you have so many options to choose from when you have a brain fart about what to wear. : )

  2. you make me want to pull out my vest too! I haven't incorporated it into an outfit in a very long time.

  3. LOL, Jessy!  This is very time consuming. Great idea, but wow, was it hard to get started. But it was a lot of fun. Can't wait to see yours!

  4. Hope you see your rendition soon. :)

  5. Awesome post Vicky!!!  Thank you for taking the time to do some of the suggestions...I am definitely trying one of these ideas this week!

  6. Wow, so many great outfits! My fave is the button-up / pencil skirt combo too although the sundress / fedora combo comes in a close second. Fab vest styling ideas!!

  7. I absolutely love this post! You and Jasmine did a wonderful job, and thank you both for undertaking this time consuming project! You gave me few ideas for the vest as well (vest with dress? genius!). :)

  8. Wow, excellent job both of you! I've never been able to wear vests - waistcoats we call them in UK. By far my fav look is with the shorts - beautiful CC bag required lol!

  9. oh my!! thanks for doing this, i always have such a hard time wearing vests!! the first look and the button-up, black pencil skirt, vest, and pumps are my favorites!! so classic. great job!
    Amber @ Easy Petite Looks

  10. green jeans is my fave!  and then the fedora.

  11. Wow Vicky, this is awesome, what a great idea!  My favorite looks are the fedora and sundress combo and the last look with the green jeans!  Great job!

  12. Wow- this seems like a a lot of work! LOL Not to be biased but I like mine and Cee's outfit the best! LOL

  13. Woohoo! I've been waiting for this post :) Kudos to both you and Jasmine for a job well done! I personally like the first and last outfits the best b/c they're not something you normally wear. Way to experiment and do such a great job!

  14. So much fun!  These are all great ideas, thanks for the inspiration! 

  15. Love this post!  My fave is the blazer look - thanks for putting this all together!

  16. Yay!!

    The sundress/fedora look and the blazer look!! Super cute!!

  17. I read this on my phone a few days ago and totally meant to stop by to tell you and Jasmine the hard work was WELL worth it for our entertainment! I love this post! Each outfit looks so different. Is that the same vest as Kelly's or slightly different? I say definitely keep, I loved it on her, and if you get it slimmed I think it will be a very versatile piece. I think my favorite outfits are the simple #1 and the last one. Did you see the same green Zara jeans on Khatu's old post? I stumbled across it the other day and thought of you.

  18. Thanks for remembering to come back and leave a comment. :) I have to say I do that all the time. I read most of the blog posts on the phone, and then forget to leave a comment later. This vest is exactly the same vest as Kelly's. Her tailor did a fantastic job on alteration. 
    I didn't see Khatu's post on the green jeans. I just went and found it. Thanks for letting me know.

  19. These are all great looks! It's amazing that one piece of clothing can be so versatile!  We did a remix on the denim vest :)

  20. such a beautiful blog

  21. Thanks for featuring all these great ideas on how to style a vest!   I own more than 2 vests and have honestly never figured out  how to wear them, but I will definitely be breaking them out soon!  

  22. I just love love these looks! You look so different here. Elegant always, but sharper!  Definitely my cup of tea!!

  23. wow - great post! love the shorts, green pants, and sundress combo!


  24. I've been wondering when this post would go up! :) Glad you tried my combo, although I think the vest is too light against the burgundy - but that blouse is great! My favorite look is Annie and Cee's too! :) I bet this was really hard to put together! Thanks for following through!



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