Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sale Alert: Ann Taylor Work Day Surprise Sale - 40% Off Everything

Update: Apparently, the 20% off your entire purchase $100 or more online coupon you get from the mailer works on top of this deal. I reordered using mine. I think 10000002556 would work multiple times as long as you are using Ann Taylor or Loft credit card. (It worked on non-AT card for some, so try it out. I give up on getting the story straight.)  I have another one for 30% off any full price item. I'm sure it'll work as well.  Let me know if you need to code, so I'll send it to you. The code is only valid once, and once applied, it won't work again. 

This is a hard to resist sale. Time to pick up your favorite perfect pumps at a 40% discount.

The Deal: Enjoy 40% off everything + Free shipping on $150 or more! Today Only. No code needed. Ends midnight tonight PST.

Don't forget to use ebates to get 2.5% back. For a referral, click here.

What I picked up:
Petite Vintage Trench in XXSP
I love this light maple color and the classic double breasted look. Not sure about the fit. Since I don't have any plans to splurge on a Burberry in the near future, I figured I'd give this one a shot. Small sizes go fast, so hurry if you are interested.

Lady Bag:
I have seen this bag in person and love it. I'm glad the 40% off deal came along so quickly that I didn't have to wait that long to get this bag.

What are you picking up from this sale?


  1. Gahh, first Jean, and now you. Now I have the trench in my cart, but I don't know if I should pull the trigger... I'm so bummed I missed out on the additional 20% code from earlier!

    Please please do a bag collection post sometime? :)

  2. The bag is so cute...there are two skirts I want from them that of course aren't available yet, but they have previewed on facebook...annoying!

  3. I wasn't aware of the 20%. Was that on top of the 40%?

  4. LOL!!! Just read this after I posted what I bought....I got the purse too! LOL among other things too...oh boy we are so BAD Vicky~!!

  5. i really hope your trench works out, Vicky!!  i haven't had any luck in finding a good-fitting trench so I'm curious to see how it looks.  and what a super cute purse!  i'm glad you were able to snag it at a good deal.  :)


    cute &

  6. Annie, you'll love the bag. It's a laser cut design on the leather. A lot like the texture of the S.F. tote I was eyeing.  

  7. Me too, Kileen. I can't believe how hard it is to find a nice-fitting trench. I got a black one that fit me great from BR factory (they fit smaller than regular BR). Now i really want a beige colored one. 

  8. I bought exactly the same things as you, Vicky! Would love to see how the trench turns out. I previously bought a khaki trench coat from BR and it was very meh in person, not to mention the fit was enormous even though I bought a size petite small.

  9. You did! Yay! I hope it fits too. :) Hey I bought a BR one a while back and ended up returning. Did you see this post?



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