Sunday, July 31, 2011

OOTD: Weekend Nautical

Quick post on this new favorite nautical dress - J.Crew about town T-shirt dress. Thanks Jean for tweeting about it when J.Crew had its 40% off sale. XXS fits me very well and the length is just perfect! The material is a woven medium weight 100% cotton. Very well made, breathable, and perfect for weekends. Yeah, I can see myself wearing it every weekend till the end of summer. lol.
These yellow sandals completely eased my crave for yellow shoes this summer. When I saw them in Talbots on sale for $29.99, I fell instantly in love, and brought them home without any hesitation. I can see myself wearing them a lot till the end of the season. It's super comfy and soft. It's still $47.99 online.

The Coach bag is an oldie and I'm so glad to be able to take it out for a spin today!
I just love the little yellow/white flower tag!
Another shot of an overly zealous ME!
I have never been so industrious as to paint my toe nails blue for these yellow sandals. Are they adorable?

Outfit Details
Esprit belt in S
Coach bag
Necklace from Quebec

Hope you guys enjoy the post and have a great Sunday!


  1. Cuuute outfit Vicky!  You petite bloggers are really into yellow shoes!  So cute! 

  2. Thank you, April! I'm already late in the game. I was drooling over their loot from Talbots because I missed the surprise sale. Now I feel much better. :)

  3. i love this outfit on you!!  i love nautical-inspired outfits and this one is so perfect for summer.  and great Talbots shoes find!

    cute & little

  4. Vicky!!! Too adorable!! You look amazing!!

    How did I miss this when I was making my J. Crew order?! I am in love with that dress! And you accessorized it so perfectly!!

  5. I love the striped tee dress Vicky! I wish you had an extra XXS- I would totally take it off your hands! I'll be watching the website for a sale..LOL Love the yellow talbot shoes!

  6. Love the yellow shoes.  Yellow just always seems to bring a smile to my face. That little daisy on your purse is also really cute. 

  7. Vicky, this is gorgeous on you.  It's absolutely perfect with the yellow shoes.

  8. Your yellow wedges are the cutest I've seen ever!  They look great on you! 

  9. So cute, I love stripes, and perfection with the yellow shoes!

  10. This outfit is very nautical. The Coach bag is a perfect match for this striped dress!!  

  11. That Coach purse is so cute and totally matches with your outfit perfectly with the yellow and the navy blue!  :D 

  12. I love this look!!  The nautical inspired dress is adorable.  And the yellow wedges is a colorful addition. 

    Complex Cardigans



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