Sunday, July 31, 2011

OOTD: Weekend Nautical

Quick post on this new favorite nautical dress - J.Crew about town T-shirt dress. Thanks Jean for tweeting about it when J.Crew had its 40% off sale. XXS fits me very well and the length is just perfect! The material is a woven medium weight 100% cotton. Very well made, breathable, and perfect for weekends. Yeah, I can see myself wearing it every weekend till the end of summer. lol.
These yellow sandals completely eased my crave for yellow shoes this summer. When I saw them in Talbots on sale for $29.99, I fell instantly in love, and brought them home without any hesitation. I can see myself wearing them a lot till the end of the season. It's super comfy and soft. It's still $47.99 online.

The Coach bag is an oldie and I'm so glad to be able to take it out for a spin today!
I just love the little yellow/white flower tag!
Another shot of an overly zealous ME!
I have never been so industrious as to paint my toe nails blue for these yellow sandals. Are they adorable?

Outfit Details
Esprit belt in S
Coach bag
Necklace from Quebec

Hope you guys enjoy the post and have a great Sunday!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Petite Fashion Challenge #9: Heat Wave Appropriate

I have been a devoted attendee of PFC since it was born. I only missed one and I made sure it doesn't happen again. :) Thank goodness this time the challenge is in the weekend, so I have a Saturday morning to procrastinate.

The challenge: Create an outfit that accounts for the various environmental factors that plague us in the summer. How to dress when it's 90 degrees outside and 65 degrees inside.

This is what I have to deal with everyday in the summer, whether it's going to work or to the mall, the temperature variation is huge. Dressing properly is important to ensure that by the end of the day, I don't have my brain freeze over.  My typical work wardrobe is a sleeveless top (silk, cotton, light weight, breathable fabric), a pencil or mini-pencil skirt (the hotter it is outside, the shorter the hemline), a cardigan of some sort (I wear cardigans a lot more often than jackets, because I prefer non-structured items), and a pair of sandals or pumps (again, I wear sandals a lot more than pumps because they are less formal and more comfortable). If I still feel cold with cardigans, I would pack a light weigh summer cotton scarf in the bag just in case.

This is what I typically start with on my way to work. See how I stuff this MT cutie with my cardigan and scarf? It looks so cute being full. :) Jean bought this lovely Ann Taylor silk top for me because I couldn't find a 00P in my local store. Thank you, Jean! The Ann Taylor Ikat Zebra Print Skirt fits very well and is on sale now for $32.50.
 Then when I get to work, I take out the cardigan and put it on immediately.
The bag without the cardigan.
I like longer cardigans to layer over short skirt, because it doesn't cut you in the middle and creates a better proportion. This J.Crew Perfect-fit mixed-tape cardigan in xx-small is very comfy and affordable ($18 on sale)
Loving my new Michael Kors small Layton oversized watch!
The last resort to still being cold (which is rare for me) is to add a light weight summer scarf. This Ann Taylor scarf is so pretty in person that I had to take it home.

I hope you enjoy the post and have a wonderful weekend. (Mine will be good because it's my birthday!)

Don't forget to check out everyone's entries by visiting Elle's blog tonight.

Outtake - it was WINDY! I was surprised most of the pictures turned out.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chanel Reveal #2 (For Sale: NWT Chanel Classic Flap)

Most of you are probably wondering why I delayed my reveal #2. To tell you to truth, the reason why this reveal is so hard to write is because the moment I post it, I am saying goodbye to this beautiful bag. Right, I am not keep her, and that's not because I don't love her, it's because I can't part with my patent red.  You see, I bought this bag thinking that I would have a patent camel beige and a lambskin red.  I would return or sell the patent red I got in brand new condition. Reasoning was that two patent bags are just too much, and a little variety would be good.  But when I took out my patent red and looked at her, for a long time, I couldn't bring myself to part with her. So I made a hard decision to part with this one. So here we go, this is my modeling pictures with her and this will be the last time you will see me with her. (tears.) Thank you so much Annie for finding this and the patent camel for me. I am so sorry that I decided not to keep her. I wish I could, but I really can't justify two red Chanels, can I? (This is the same exact bag as Annie's here.)

The dress is the Ann Taylor Tulle Flower Dress in 00P.  To be honest with you, I'm in the fence about keeping it. It's really pretty by itself, but I don't think it looks great on me. I can't figure out why. The fit is very nice except it's a bit tight near the armpit, which I can handle. Is it another one of those things where I just can't figure out when I'm supposed to wear it? What do you think?

One last thing, if you are interested in buying this Chanel lambskin m/l flap in dark red, please email me for more details.

Only one day left till weekend. I am glad I'm alive and kicking and work hasn't managed to kill me yet. Have a great rest of the week, everyone!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sale Alert: Ann Taylor Work Day Surprise Sale - 40% Off Everything

Update: Apparently, the 20% off your entire purchase $100 or more online coupon you get from the mailer works on top of this deal. I reordered using mine. I think 10000002556 would work multiple times as long as you are using Ann Taylor or Loft credit card. (It worked on non-AT card for some, so try it out. I give up on getting the story straight.)  I have another one for 30% off any full price item. I'm sure it'll work as well.  Let me know if you need to code, so I'll send it to you. The code is only valid once, and once applied, it won't work again. 

This is a hard to resist sale. Time to pick up your favorite perfect pumps at a 40% discount.

The Deal: Enjoy 40% off everything + Free shipping on $150 or more! Today Only. No code needed. Ends midnight tonight PST.

Don't forget to use ebates to get 2.5% back. For a referral, click here.

What I picked up:
Petite Vintage Trench in XXSP
I love this light maple color and the classic double breasted look. Not sure about the fit. Since I don't have any plans to splurge on a Burberry in the near future, I figured I'd give this one a shot. Small sizes go fast, so hurry if you are interested.

Lady Bag:
I have seen this bag in person and love it. I'm glad the 40% off deal came along so quickly that I didn't have to wait that long to get this bag.

What are you picking up from this sale?

Monday, July 25, 2011

OOTD: Forever 21 Stripey Slouchy T-shirt Dress

Before I start today's OOTD post, I want to thank all of my blogger friends and readers who didn't hesitate to spend their valuable time to find things that I said I wanted in my posts or tweets. You know who you are. Big hugs and kisses to you all! It makes me teary eyed when I get tipped off for a sale on a popular item, or an ebay bargain, or offered to track things down for me. I feel so blessed, REALLY!  And thank you for all the heart felt words when I am not feeling 100%.

Onto today's OOTD.  Remember this slouchy pocket tee from F21 that I adore? Well, not for long. After one wash, the shirt shrank to half its size and I am afraid it won't even cover my belly button. So after tweeting about it and being the target of entertainment for a few minutes, I made up my mind to return it. Yes, we all know that F21's return policy is no return, exchange, or credit on items that are worn, washed, or tag cut off. My shirt was all that. But I consider it a defect. Since I had nothing to lose, and I really didn't know what to do with it if not trying to return it, I took my receipt, the tag that was cut off, and this shrunk shirt back to F21. The sweet SA in F21 told me that the return policy clearly said that this item was not meeting the criteria. I said I know, but look at it, it's ridiculous. After hesitating for a while, she said, "I'm really not supposed to do this, but I'll do this once for you. Go find something that is equal or more than $12.80 (the price for the T), and I'll do an exchange for you." I was so happy and thanked her immediately. She repeated twice that this was a one time deal and she won't do it for me again. I said I understand. So I found this cute stripey slouchy dress that cost me $2.10 more. I took it home. I made sure I washed it once before I post it so I can make my recommendations. It didn't shrink this time. :)

Outfit Details
F21 Slouchy T-shirt dress (size S/P)
Ann Taylor belt
Amrita Singh necklace
Aldo Shoes
Ann Klein purse

The dress comes with a cheapy brown braided belt. I replaced it with a colorful Ann Taylor leather skinny. I really like the slouchy look of the dress and the pockets on the side are just adorable.  AND, it doesn't shrink!

Thank you for reading, and don't forget to sign up for the up coming PFC #9. Have a great week!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sale Alert: Banana Republic online sale - 40% off

This sale is on entire order. This is a good time to snatch up some regular priced items that you've been stalking and never went on sale. This is also a good time to get some great deals on their already on-sale items. Although it is really tough to get sale items your size, you can focus on one-size items like accessories - handbag for one. :)

The deal: Online Only. Use code BRSUMMER

  • 7/24 6pm-11:59pm ET 40% entire order
  • 7/25 35% entire order
  • 7/26 30% entire order

My picks:

Lace overlay shell in regular and petite sizes: $40 ($24 after discount)

Sateen one-button jacket: on sale for $99.99 ($60 after discount) Great reviews

Classic trench: regular $198 (under $120 after discount) Hope you can find your size!

Claire medium cross-body in Cognac. Regular $250, on sale for $129.99, only $78 after discount.

Happy Shopping, Everyone!

Handbag and Treatment, Nordstrom Experience

Have you guys read this Purseblog article called "Are you treated differently when carrying your best bags?" If not, I high recommend that you click on the link, get over to Purseblog and read it. FYI, I agree with Amanda 100% and couldn've said it better here. I'm very bad at voicing opinions but good at stating facts. (I think this comes with the engineering bring up and background.) So today I'd like to simply tell the story and let you form the opinions if you didn't have one on this subject already.

Yesterday I went to the mall simply to return a Zara purchase. I didn't have any other mall activity in mind so I just asked hubby to go with me and we made it out in half an hour. We usually park at the underground parking connected to Nordstrom, so we had to walk through Nordstrom in order to get back to the car. On our way meandering through the store, my eyes caught the Stuart Weitzman 'Cadet' boot on anniversary sale on display. My order wouldn't come till Tuesday, and I couldn't wait to try these boots on, so I stopped over and pulled the boot off the shelf and sat down to try it on. 
An friendly SA came over and asked me if I needed any help.  (I usually do get that level of treatment. But that's it.) I told her that I was just trying the boots I ordered that didn't come yet out to see if it'll fit, and it was too big. She offered to get a size 5.5 for me. I was very thankful. Unfortunately because of the heat and the sunscreen I put on my leg, I had a hard time putting the boots on and off. I felt that I didn't have the right socks/tights to make the decision so I told her that I'll pass. She said ok, and asked me to try a pair of name brand flats that I forgot the name of. Out of politeness I tried on. I didn't like the look at all, but remembered that I wanted to try on an AGL flats that are on Anniversary sale. So I asked her if she had any AGL flats on sale. She said yes. then brought out 5 boxes. (FYI, I had to size down to 5.5 on AGL flats, but they are soooooo comfy. I know I've said it before.) I had my eyes on a pair that was purple and black, but not on sale. When I saw that pair, rest don't seem to fit the standard.  While I was trying those flats on, the nice SA lady went to the back and brought out some Prada pumps. "Try this!" she "ordered". I had no intention to buy pumps, so I told her that I wasn't in the market for pumps and I usually can't walk in them. She was not discourage by it, and said"Just try these, you'll see what I'm talking about." I did try them on, and I did understand what she was talking about. These pumps ARE comfortable.  Then before I know it, I was trying on different sizes and colors... I hope I haven't bored you too much yet, but I want to take a pause now to explain why I'm writing all this in detail.  FYI, I was wearing this baby of mine on this shopping trip.
I have been to Nordstrom Shoes department a handful of times before, wearing my various bags - Coach, MT, etc. NEVER have I been this fuzzed about before! I usually get a hello, let me know if you need any help, and never more. Were they just so bored yesterday that they decided to treat me like a queen? Or was this little beauty sitting next to me the whole time that was doing the work? My Loft top/cardi and F21 shorts couldn't have done it, could they?

One more picture of the purple flats that I LOVE. (bottom left) 

 My fact telling is done. What was your experience in handbag vs. treatment?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Quebec City Photo Gallery

How is everyone? I hope you all had a great week and looking forward to the weekend? My week was mixed. I received 3 death announcement emails 3 days out of 5 working days last week, and they definitely put a damper on things. These emails also helped me put life into perspectives. We don't live forever.  On the plus side, I did take advantage of the J.Crew end of summer sale and bought myself a few summer colored cardigans. See Jean's post for details. The heat wave is finally coming to an end. It's thunder storming while I'm typing this up. Phew!

This post is long overdue, and so are a lot of things in my life. So here it is.

The day that we traveled from Montreal to Quebec City was a rainy day. After we checked into the hotel, we took a walk to the riverside.

This is the Fairmont Hotel by the River. It's beautiful and right by the river. I'm taking a mental note to stay there next time I visit.

The hotel we stayed at is called "Loews Hotel Le Concorde". I give it a 4.5-star rating. 
What I like: Great location, walking distance to old town Quebec; Grand entrance and hall, nice decor; Hotel rooms are nice and clean, bathrooms have big granite countertops, no odor whatsoever; huge windows overlooking the beautiful city; friendly staff; can't miss 360 degree revolving restaurant on the top floor.
What I wish they'd improve on: Elevator - worse elevator software I have ever encountered in my whole entire life. (probably hired some intern or whatever.) The genius engineer who designed the elevator decided to skip floors or reverse its direction on the way up or down and randomly open doors for no reason. You might not think it's a big deal, but if you are staying on the 12th floor and would like to take a quick morning walk before everyone else is up, you go out to the elevator and wait for 15 minutes before you totally give up and come back, now that's called a complete failure. When I checked out of the hotel, I made sure I told the staff that they really had to fix the elevators. They said they were doing that right now. We'll see. Oh and give us FREE INTERNET in room! I had to go down to the lobby to use their free internet, which makes my first point even more valid. It takes 15 mins just to go down to the lobby because of the stupid elevator. 

We really enjoyed the restaurant. Some pictures taken while up there. The restaurant makes a full circle in 90 minutes. 

I was enjoying my morning cup-o-joe at the sitting area in our hotel room.

 Walking in old town Quebec was a such a pleasant thing to do for me, but not so much for the kids. Wearing J.Crew Captain Cardigan in XS, Express shorts from last year, and Sak's crossbody.

The Citadelle de Quebec:
I asked Tristan pointing at the guard completely still,"If I told you he's real, would you believe me?" Answer: Nah!

The battle field garden right outside of our hotel.

 Isn't this mural impressive?


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