Monday, June 20, 2011

Who's copying whom???

I just realized that Michael Kors is a big ol' copy cat! I guess it's good for people who want the high end designer look but can't afford the ridiculous price.

Here's the MK bag I spotted in Sak's last week.
And  here's the Hermes Constance I found in Purseblog
Look at where the shoulder strap on both bags. Identical. 

Then again, doesn't this Hermes bag resemble the Celine Classic Box Bag?

Who's copying whom?

Update: RLLater tweeted me about this look-alike from J.Crew today. Is it the It bag?


  1. I agree. Guess what though the MK bag is on further sale on Sak's Fifth now! Only a bit over $300. :) I did not buy it. I restrained myself. lol. I have too many bags. 

  2. Thanks, Annie.  I'm now really tempted to call Sak's to get the MK now that it's on further sale. lol.

  3. I'm finding your post even more interesting as you bring up many great questions! 'It' bags now seem to be the lady like classic boxy shapes of course leading from Celine's classic box which Phoebe Philo 're-launched' in her debut collection for the brand. For the longest time it seemd like it was Balenciaga's motorbike bag and before that Fendi's Spy bag etc.. etc...I never like any of those so it really is up to you to decide and choose :-) if you want to go with the flow or not.

  4. I love all of these! My favorite is the Celine and Hermes but the MK is such a cute, affordable option!

  5. I think they all feed off of each other! I love all examples of the bag lol. 

    i've missed your blog! nice visit :D



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