Thursday, June 23, 2011

OOTD: Black and Red to Piano Recital

The bi-annual piano recital for my daughter was last Sunday.  I was not assigned to do any work at the recital so it was relatively relaxing. Jasmine did pretty good and was also very relieved that it was over. We rewarded her with a Hibachi lunch afterwards which pleased her tremendously.
I like red and black combo. It's so easy and effortless. Now that I look at the pictures, I think I should've worn a bit of jewelry on my wrists, 'cause they look pretty barren.
Loft silk dress
Express belt
Chanel WOC
Loft sandals
No, Jasmine didn't wear these sandals to the recital. :)

I learned from Cee that Zara is having a bi-annual sale starting tomorrow. I decided to take a day off to go shopping. :) Yes, see what I do for fashion? I will be tweeting tomorrow during the day. Check my tweets often. 


  1. You're looking great, Vicky. Sometimes less is more when it comes to styling. I am also taking tomorrow and Monday off but not for shopping. I am so looking forward to my 4-day weekend. I'll be following your tweets for sure :)

  2. eek!  is the biannual sale just for 1 day, or will it last the weekend?

    both you and Jasmine are adorable.  congratulations to her (and her amazing momma) on a job well done!


  3. Hahaha peer pressure at its finest ;) It's times like this that I'm sad I don't have a smartphone, but will be looking forward to your tweets! Here's hoping that both of our locations will still have lots of small sizes left.

    Did you cut your hair, Vicky? Both you and Jasmine look great!

  4.  This dress looks fantastic on you!  It is one of my LOFT faves!

  5. oh i will definitely be following your tweets!  hopefully you'll find some good deals!

    i love the red dress on you and the color works so well with your skin tone!

    cute & little

  6. Love black and red together! You look effortlessly chic. :)

    And you bet I'll be following your tweets while you shop! The Zara I went to recently have all sold out of items I really want. sigh.

  7. Thank you, Sidney. Enjoy your long weekend. TTY on twitter!

  8. Jenny, it's not just for 1 day, at least I hope not. :) But I'm afraid if you go late, the selections will be slim.

  9. I know. I'm blaming you, Cee! Actually this gives me an excuse to take a day off and enjoy a mother-daughter day with fewer ppl around. We'll be dining at a fantastic sushi buffet at lunch time. :)

  10. I hope so. Cross my fingers! :) 

  11. OOOO pretty dress! and I see the WOC is getting some use..hehehehe

    You look lovely and Jasmine is just a PEANUT! I just want to hug her! She would totally love me huh? LOL

    And I will def stay tuned for your tweets...anxiously waiting on the edge of my chair as I type this! Altho Zara has never fit me right..LOL

  12. Looking great as usual Vicky and Jasmine looks adorable!  Looking forward to hearing about your Zara finds :)

  13. glad this red dress is making an appearance again.  I have it, and I really love it, except for the fact that I hate dry cleaning it.



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