Sunday, June 19, 2011

Long Time No See Greetings Post

This has got to be the longest hiatus I have ever taken from blogging. :) Last week I spent more than a week on the road visiting my sister, attending my nephew's graduation ceremony, and then going to Portland, OR for a business visit. Although the trip was tiring, being able to see my family and friends made it totally worth it. 

Let me start with some iphone pictures. This one was taken at Boston Logan International Airport. My first attempt to do color blocking. :) The bag was a great find at Lord and Taylor's family and friends sales event and it proved to be a fantastic summer travel bag. I put my Chanel WOC in a dust bag and carried it inside this Sak Silverlake bag
North Carolina was at low 90s when I visited (while Boston was going through a very cold and rainy week). Because of my sun allergy I brought my trusty Walmart cotton jacket, and boy, did I love it for the coverage and thin material, and was it stylish for a general coverall. :)
At the ceremony:

Here is a picture of me and the graduate. 
Oh, talking about travel bags, I purchased this pre-owned LV Speedy 25 in brown Epi leather from ebay, thinking I'd use it for my trip. It did arrive in time (the day before my travel date), but it looks so new and so nice that I didn't see how I could possibly use it as a beat-up bag for travel. :) So I left this baby at home. 

My sister and I spent the Sunday afternoon strolling in the mall just for fun.  We went into Sak's to check out if they had a Chanel boutique. They didn't. Instead we found this Gia Flap Leather Shoulder Bag by Michael Kors that are both stylish looking and functional. Doesn't this bag remind you of a Celine classic box to you? Only it is a fraction of the price ($415 on sale) and a lot more functional size wise. Lots of pockets and divisions. Online only has the peanut color. The sunflower color is sold out, but still available in some stores.
During this trip, I realized some things that are important:
-- I can't live in Portland. The hay fever is a killer. 
-- I will try to avoid US Airway at all cost in the future. It is by far the worst airline I have used. Top reasons: for a 5 and a half hour flight, they don't even show a movie. I ended up killing time by doing Sudoku on the airplane magazine.  The planes they use are old and stinky. They made such horrible noises that I felt they'd shatter into pieces at any time.
-- I really miss my kids when I travel. Thanks to modern technology, we can talk and chat all the time, otherwise I'd be so miserable. One day I was waken up by an iphone beep at 4 am, and realized that Jasmine texted me.  "Hi, Mommy!" I would probably not tolerate anyone else doing that to me but my kids. lol. She forgot about the time zone difference.
-- While I was gone, my husband had to feed the kids and drive them to soccer games and practices. It kept him very busy. However I realized that he could handle a lot more than I gave him credit for. He even caught a mouse that decided to invade our house when I was gone. 


It is so good to be home. I really miss regular blog reading and tweeting. I wish I could say things will look up and I would get more time, but given my job it's highly unlikely in the near future. I hope I'll still continue posting at least once a week, and thank you so much for all your support. 

One more thing before I say goodbye. I went to Target today and found this Miss Trish for Target sandals on clearance in store for $6.24 (orig. $24.99). I almost paid $20 yesterday online, so I immediately grabbed a pair of size 6. They fit true to size, and on the narrow side.

That's all from me. Hope you all have a great evening!


  1. Whew! What a long but busy week you've had. You weren't kidding when you said you've caught the purse bug ;) I love how you're drawn to all sorts of different brands, styles, colors, etc. I bet you've got quite a diverse collection going on now... collection pic?! :) Stay safe with all your travels, Vicky!

  2. Aw, thanks, Cee. No I wasn't kidding. lol. I need a display case now for all of them. The sad part is, I'm still eyeing a bunch of different bags. MT being one of them. :)  I wouldn't mind getting an Alexa either. lol. I know. This has got to stop. 

  3. Sounds like you have been super busy, but glad to see you back :)  Yay for trying color cute!

  4. Michael Kors bag is indeed very good. I have the same epi bag in red. I agree with you that US Airway sucks.  LOL~~

  5. I love the red speedy! (and yellow too.) But I have to restrain myself and get only one. lol... So glad you agree with me on US Airway!

  6. Oh Jenny. Thank you so much. I just realized that you didn't contact me after winning the Kohl's GC and I was so busy that I didn't even think of it until I found it in my wallet yesterday and it already expired. :(

  7. You are not kidding, Sydney. Home is sweet and relaxing. :) Have a great week yourself.

  8. Yes, very busy. And the business continues on this week.... Thank you for stopping by, Tara.

  9. Thank you so much, Kelly. I'm just so sad that I can't spend as much time as I would like on the blogasphere anymore. :(

  10. Welcome back, Vicky! Red & blue are soo perfect for colour blocking. And what a gorgeous bag! I always debate whether to bring my more expensive bags for much as I wanna look chic in another place, I'm not sure if I wanna risk it.

  11. Thank you, Jessy! It's such a dilemma, right? 

  12. Clearly I'm now catching up on blog posts...u look so cute at the airport! Love the royal blue color on u! And say what about the miss trish sandals...what a score! Good thing u were patient and didn't order online!

    Cannot wait to see the LV speedy in action! I think I'm done with purses for awhile...*smirking*

  13. I think I am too. lol. But for some reason I don't think it'll last long.

  14. yeah new purse!!!  :)  can't wait to see it in a outfit post!

    Luckily  no hay fever for me, but the endless rainy season in portland drives me crazy so I definitely can't live there!!  I do miss the tax free shopping...a lot!!!

    It seems like a lot of ppl took a little break for blogging....i noticed less posts in my reader and then i got busy too, only starting to catch up now!




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