Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things to do in Montreal - Why I love my daughter

We are going to visit Montreal and Quebec City next week!
It was a last minute decision, and I thought of it yesterday morning walking from my office to the bathroom. Seriously. I was walking down the hall, and an idea popped out of my head, "Montreal, we should go visit Montreal!" So it was decided. By the way, that's how I make my decisions most of the time in my life. Did I scare you enough yet? 
So this morning I gave my two vacation kids a project to do - research things to do in Montreal. This way they'll find out what they are interested in and feel more involved in the trip planning. I didn't expect much out of them, but figured this would give them something to do during the day. 
When I tweeted about it, I got so many suggestions from you ladies that I felt so blessed. Elaine, Cher, Sydney, Aubrey, DelectablyChic, Sahara. Thank you, ladies! I jotted all of them down. Then I found my daughter's report on the kitchen table. I felt obligated to share. I love her bullets and her commentary side notes. Scanner was acting up, so I had to take pictures.
OMG, I love the expression she put next to "PARKING COST $9-$10 per day".

Oh, thank you soooo much for taking the time to comment on my colored pants posting. I knew I could trust you all to voice your true opinions. I took them all in! Guess what, I will give this pair of jeans another chance. I will find time to re-outfit it, with your suggestions! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

OOTD: Color Blocking - Zara Colored Jeans

After seeing so many nice outfits with colored pants, I finally got myself a couple of pairs to play with. Best place to find them is Zara which was on their semi annual sale last week. I picked up this green pair that is a size 34 (EUR) or size 02 (USA) which I believe is their smallest size. It fits me nicely and is equivalent to their size XS pant size. I'd also equate the fit to a Loft size 00P.
When I put this outfit together I liked it a lot. I felt exuberant! But now I'm looking at pictures, I'm not sure if I'm a colored pants type girl. It doesn't look right on  me :( What do you think? Do you think I should stay away from colored pants? Honest opinions please. No sugar coating.

Outfit Details:
Zara colored jeans (US2 or EUR34)
Club Monaco top (xs)
Banana Republic Factory Jacket (00P)
Nine West Wedges 
Express cuff
Peri Cameo (gifted by Jean)
F21 leaf earrings
Amrita Singh ring
Chanel Bag

Sunday, June 26, 2011

OOTD: Neutrals and Buti Bag

Hi everyone. I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was no different than most. I did laundry, grocery shopping for the week, had some BBQ lamb skewer and chicken wings made by famous grilling master - hubby, and did a lot of clean up around the house. Good thing about staying at home over the weekend was that I had some time to get some outfit pictures done. I can't wait to share them with you.

Today's post is about neutral palette. I love neutral colors. They are easy on your eyes and they are just so pleasant. I picked up this olive semi-sheer shirt from Loft a couple of weeks ago on final sale for a mere $10. I love the drapey material and shape. Trick to a loose fitting top is a form fitting bottom. I decided to go with the F21 skirt I bought last Friday for $8.80. Now to accessorize, I added a long necklace from Ann Taylor (I also got this last Friday for $18. Love it!) The sandals are one of my favorite purchases this year, and they are from Cole Haan outlet. The bag was gifted to me by my sister eons ago. It's an Italian bag that was made for Chinese market. I don't know anything about the brand - Buti, but I have to say over the years, this bag's hardware has aged a bit, but the leather still looks supple, definitely a high quality piece. Almost looks vintage to me now. :)  It comes with a detatchable strap that decided not to use for this outfit.

Outfit Details:
Loft shirt (xxsp)
F21 skirt
Ann Taylor long necklace
Urban Outfitter zodiac necklace
Buti handbag
Cole Haan sandals

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fitting Room Pictures (Zara, F21, Ann Taylor, JCrew)

I want to do a quick post tonight to share some fitting room pictures in case you are heading to the mall tomorrow. My day off shopping trip with Jasmine was a HUGE success. I came back with bag loads of clothes (that I'll probably regret some day, but enjoy them big time at this moment).

Let me first start with J.Crew. It was our last stop, but I have to mention this first, because this is again an opportunity to score items that are significantly cheaper in store. Take this Captain Cardigan for example. The original price is $98, The on sale online price is $59.99. In store it was on sale for $39.99 and with extra 30% off, I scored it for less than $28.  This is how an xs fits on me. It's meant to be a little loose fitting. It's so comfortable that I can live in it!
Ann Taylor is having a 40% off sale now, and I happened to find two skirts in 00P that I really like.
One basic one and one fun one. :) I can't find them online, so if you need style number to track any of them down, please let me know.

Forever 21 was the store I spent most of my time at and I bought at least 8 pieces. That is a major breakthrough, since I was never able to get more than 2 pieces of clothing out of F21. I mostly went there for their cheap jewelries. :)

Dark Grey Poncho $22.8

Plaid shirt S on sale for about $12. I didn't get it. Now I'm regretting.

Plaid Woven shirt M $13.8. I can't find a size S, but M doesn't seem too bad.

Brown Skirt with Belt, XS. $19.8. Line/Rayon. 
 I love the shape and the material of this skirt. It even has pockets, bonus!

Now I really don't know what to do with this lace/crochet skirt yet, but I love it to pieces. So I bought it and will figure it out later. It is sooooo pretty in person. The blush and beige color are just right and the crochet is in such details that you would never have guessed it was from F21. I was wearing size XS in the pictures. Price: $19.8. Seriously, check it out. I'm not a lace kind of person, but fell in love with it. :)

This is Sidney's shorts. See it on Wendy too.  I was so lucky to be able to find it in XS.  Price: $14.8.
The logo top/tunic is really cute too. So I snatched it as well. size S $14.8

Now what exactly is this supposed to be? It looks like an apron on me. $30 ish, I put it back.

 This short skirt is only $8.8. Fun, sexy, and comfy. Highly recommend.

 This navy polka dot skirt is very cute in person and size S fits me perfectly. $14.8

I didn't get this dress, it's a bit loose on me, but I think it can be very fun in the summer. It comes with a pinkish color as well. If I remember it right it's under $15.

Now on to the store that initially got me to take a day off so that I can get a good pick off its sale - ZARA. Let me talk about Zara a bit first. I know a lot of bloggers like Zara. I do like their styles. I also can tell you that before today, I don't own anything from them. Not that I have never made it to the store before, I just can't get over the poor quality and workmanship of their clothes.  You may say "you shop at F21." Well, I can tell you from my point of view. Zara's quality is a few levels lower than F21. Again that's my opinion. I can easily pick up a pair of pants from Zara and point out that the zipper seam has come undone. I can also point to you that the same pair of pants have zipper pull that's rusted and is so flimsy that if you pull harder the metal may just come off. I'm not exaggerating. Their price is ridiculously high in my opinion given the quality that they produce. Now that said, why am I so drawn to this store? The colors. I went there for the colors. BTW, the Zara store I went to has the smallest fitting room I have ever seen. I elbowed my daughter many times while I was trying clothes on. Since I was so close to the mirror, the pictures are bit distorted. The colors are not quite right either. So bear with me on these pictures. I can assure you that the fit and the color are amazing, even though the quality made me frown.
These are the items I eventually got: green pants $30, purple pants $30, green skirt. $26

I like this top as well, but they didn't have my size any more. 

This red skirt is very cute on the hanger, but looks too balloon-y on me. I think it's around $26. It comes in yellow as well.

Hope you enjoyed my post. Drop me a comment if you have found something else good. Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

OOTD: Black and Red to Piano Recital

The bi-annual piano recital for my daughter was last Sunday.  I was not assigned to do any work at the recital so it was relatively relaxing. Jasmine did pretty good and was also very relieved that it was over. We rewarded her with a Hibachi lunch afterwards which pleased her tremendously.
I like red and black combo. It's so easy and effortless. Now that I look at the pictures, I think I should've worn a bit of jewelry on my wrists, 'cause they look pretty barren.
Loft silk dress
Express belt
Chanel WOC
Loft sandals
No, Jasmine didn't wear these sandals to the recital. :)

I learned from Cee that Zara is having a bi-annual sale starting tomorrow. I decided to take a day off to go shopping. :) Yes, see what I do for fashion? I will be tweeting tomorrow during the day. Check my tweets often. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Who's copying whom???

I just realized that Michael Kors is a big ol' copy cat! I guess it's good for people who want the high end designer look but can't afford the ridiculous price.

Here's the MK bag I spotted in Sak's last week.
And  here's the Hermes Constance I found in Purseblog
Look at where the shoulder strap on both bags. Identical. 

Then again, doesn't this Hermes bag resemble the Celine Classic Box Bag?

Who's copying whom?

Update: RLLater tweeted me about this look-alike from J.Crew today. Is it the It bag?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Long Time No See Greetings Post

This has got to be the longest hiatus I have ever taken from blogging. :) Last week I spent more than a week on the road visiting my sister, attending my nephew's graduation ceremony, and then going to Portland, OR for a business visit. Although the trip was tiring, being able to see my family and friends made it totally worth it. 

Let me start with some iphone pictures. This one was taken at Boston Logan International Airport. My first attempt to do color blocking. :) The bag was a great find at Lord and Taylor's family and friends sales event and it proved to be a fantastic summer travel bag. I put my Chanel WOC in a dust bag and carried it inside this Sak Silverlake bag
North Carolina was at low 90s when I visited (while Boston was going through a very cold and rainy week). Because of my sun allergy I brought my trusty Walmart cotton jacket, and boy, did I love it for the coverage and thin material, and was it stylish for a general coverall. :)
At the ceremony:

Here is a picture of me and the graduate. 
Oh, talking about travel bags, I purchased this pre-owned LV Speedy 25 in brown Epi leather from ebay, thinking I'd use it for my trip. It did arrive in time (the day before my travel date), but it looks so new and so nice that I didn't see how I could possibly use it as a beat-up bag for travel. :) So I left this baby at home. 

My sister and I spent the Sunday afternoon strolling in the mall just for fun.  We went into Sak's to check out if they had a Chanel boutique. They didn't. Instead we found this Gia Flap Leather Shoulder Bag by Michael Kors that are both stylish looking and functional. Doesn't this bag remind you of a Celine classic box to you? Only it is a fraction of the price ($415 on sale) and a lot more functional size wise. Lots of pockets and divisions. Online only has the peanut color. The sunflower color is sold out, but still available in some stores.
During this trip, I realized some things that are important:
-- I can't live in Portland. The hay fever is a killer. 
-- I will try to avoid US Airway at all cost in the future. It is by far the worst airline I have used. Top reasons: for a 5 and a half hour flight, they don't even show a movie. I ended up killing time by doing Sudoku on the airplane magazine.  The planes they use are old and stinky. They made such horrible noises that I felt they'd shatter into pieces at any time.
-- I really miss my kids when I travel. Thanks to modern technology, we can talk and chat all the time, otherwise I'd be so miserable. One day I was waken up by an iphone beep at 4 am, and realized that Jasmine texted me.  "Hi, Mommy!" I would probably not tolerate anyone else doing that to me but my kids. lol. She forgot about the time zone difference.
-- While I was gone, my husband had to feed the kids and drive them to soccer games and practices. It kept him very busy. However I realized that he could handle a lot more than I gave him credit for. He even caught a mouse that decided to invade our house when I was gone. 


It is so good to be home. I really miss regular blog reading and tweeting. I wish I could say things will look up and I would get more time, but given my job it's highly unlikely in the near future. I hope I'll still continue posting at least once a week, and thank you so much for all your support. 

One more thing before I say goodbye. I went to Target today and found this Miss Trish for Target sandals on clearance in store for $6.24 (orig. $24.99). I almost paid $20 yesterday online, so I immediately grabbed a pair of size 6. They fit true to size, and on the narrow side.

That's all from me. Hope you all have a great evening!


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