Tuesday, May 3, 2011

OOTD: Playing with Color - J.Crew Skirt Looking for New Home

Spring brings endless opportunities for dressing up in colors.  I don't think I'm one of those who is afraid of colors, but I sometimes do feel that putting multiple colors together and make them work together is a tough job.  Understanding the color wheel actually make this daunting task just a tad bit easier.  Read this fantastic post on color combination by Jean from Extra Petite. Watch this fun video on putting colors together by Wendy's Lookbook. See many bloggers wear colorful outfit in Kileen's Color Brigade. Here's my entry this week.

Outfit Details:
Loft Tee, Cardigan
J.Crew Cord skirt
Ann Taylor belt
Loft trench
Aldo sandal
Michael Kors sunglasses

I bought this corduroy skirt a couple of years ago from J.Crew outlet and only wore it a grand total of twice. It's a size 0, and the waist and hip are both too big on me. (waist measures 14" across, and it sits below the waist.) There is a string on the inside of the waist that I used to tie it so it won't fall off. And I could use a belt to secure. Even so I feel this skirt is better off on a person one size bigger than me. I'm giving this skirt away for $10 + $5 shipping/handling. Email me or put a comment on this post if you are interested. 


  1. Ooh the primary colors are perfect. And I love that grayish blue blouse!

  2. Good job on the colors Vicky! Too bad the skirt is too big...I like the color :) It reminds me of my J.Crew wool bell skirt which I love!

  3. Yes, Annie. I love the color a lot. It'll be much cuter on a fuller person though.

  4. Thank you, Stacey. It's teal in person.

  5. I love your ruffled cardigan :D



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