Sunday, April 3, 2011

Review: Tory Burch Audra leather laptop bag and giveaway winners (updated)

I have an update at the end of this post. Please read to the bottom.

Congratulations to the two winners of the Carolee earrings giveaway: Really Petite and R.L. Please contact me via email to claim your prizes. 

Today I equated my 8-year old son to the last Chinese Emperor - Puyi. Totally useless, and couldn't even tie his own shoe laces as an adult. My son wanted to know why he couldn't do that, I told him it was because he had servants to do everything for him. "Oh, so he just sits there everyday and do nothing?" he asked. "Yup, pretty much." I answered without hesitating. "So he's a couch potato then." My son concluded. "Well, there was no TV at the time, so he couldn't be watching TV." I told him, "also, there was no couch at the time, they had hard benches instead." (Gee, our life is pretty good nowadays, isn't it?) The boy thought for a few second and said,"He's a bench potato!" My husband overheard the conversation and said,"They certainly had benches then, but definitely no potatoes!" Do I have a whole house of geeks or what!

Some of my twitter friends probably already knew that I was looking for a laptop bag to fit my huge oversized over powerful HP work laptop I have. I lurked on for a week, and found this one promising, but I also thought it was too manly. Then a twitter friend mentioned this Etienne Aigner Business Jacquard Business Tote. I thought it was very promising, but thought I'd look a little further. Hanna pointed me to The Ambitionist by Taryn Zhang. I absolutely love the design, but the measurement shows that my laptop is just a tad too big.

My laptop measures: 14"x11"x1.25". All the bags are measured on the outside, so you need to pad all 3 numbers a bit to make sure it fits. I won't bore you with all the details of how I found this bag, but I found it and it was love at first sight. I bought it at Bloomingdales during their Friends and Family sales event but they don't have the same bag online. I saw the Tory Burch Alice Quilted Leather Laptop Case in store and didn't like it at all.

Details of the Tory Burch Audra Leather Laptop Bag:
-- All leather and well made stitching.
-- Comes in two beautiful colors: Black and Brown. (Website lists Almond, but I see the color as more of a tan/brown)
-- Dimensions: 15"x12"x2". Perfect fit for my laptop. No wiggle room.
-- Top zip-around closure with beautiful gold tone hardware.
-- Exterior magnetic slip pocket good only for some paper.
-- Weighs about 1.5 pounds.
-- Adjustable straps, can be worn as a shoulder bag or crossbody.
-- Retails for $250. Reasonable for a designer bag.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this bag. I used to love this bag. :(

Outfit details:
Loft long sleeve T
Theory long sweater
Loft skinny jeans
Ann Taylor pumps
Amrita Singh necklace + ring

Important update on 4/7/2011: The third day of using this bag to tow my 6 pound laptop from home to work and back. (Really just from home to the garage, from the parking lot at work to my cubicle and back.) The metal piece between the bag and the shoulder strap snapped.  Fortunately only one side broke and I was quick enough to save the laptop. When I bought this bag I was concerned about leather ripping, but never would have thought the metal part would break. Shame on Tory Burch. This bag is going back to the store.
The good side

The broken piece
Obviously I don't recommend this bag to anyone, and I'm kind of glad that this happened before the return window expired. The search goes on ...


  1. The bag is a great choice! It's gorgeous!

  2. Omg...I won??? Yaaaaaaay! *dancing* as I'm typing on my

    I will email u ASAP!! Woo hoo!!

    And can I just say that u made the perfect choice on the laptop bag??? It's sleek, classy and fashionable! Freaking love it!! Good job Vicky!! :D

  3. The design is very sleek, simple and beautiful.

  4. I was so exited that I forgot to say thank u for the :D

  5. wow, what a gorgeous bag!! i would want to carry my laptop everywhere if i had that bag!

    cute & little

  6. Wow... that's great that the bag fits your laptop so perfectly! That's actually pretty hard to find unless you go with a boring tech-y bag. I'm glad you found one that you love :)

  7. Congrats to Cee and R.L for winning those gorgeous earrings. I love love your bag, Vicky. I used to carry my laptop home everyday but I don’t do that anymore. I just lock it in the office. The laptop is heavy for me plus the bag they gave me is adding a few more lbs to it. The one you picked out has simple design but yet is very stylish.

  8. Hehehe, it's Annie who won! I don't have pierced ears so I didn't enter

  9. The only part I didn't get was Puyi (I really need to brush up on my history), but the rest lol! You and your family are a hoot :)

    Wow! This TB laptop bag is gorgeous on you. I like the simplistic design paired with luxurious leather. I'm so glad you were able to find something that suits your needs.

    Oh! Forgot to mention, you look great today, Vicky. Big, bold AS jewelry sure does make a statement.

  10. lol your son is so cute!!

    I looooove your bag! This one is better than the quilted one. I hate how we miss out on awesome sales in Canada! :( $250 for a leather bag is good!! I've been eyeing the ones at Marc Jacobs but its $230 and its just a sleeve!

  11. So chic but your laptop bag means business. Is it just me though or 1.5 lbs for a bag seem heavy? Probably due to the real leather but definitely sacrifice the comfort for it. Looks adorable and congrats the winners!

  12. You are right, Liane. It is pretty hard to find. Most of laptop bags are ugly, or too small. Being an engineer and try to be stylish is difficult. hehe.

  13. I'm also confused about were equating your son to Puyi, or just lecturing him through the story of Puyi? Was your son being lazy? ; )

    I am completely impressed by your find. I actually thought it was impossible to find a fashionable laptop bag for a decent price (non nylon, canvas....a la Bryan's free bag). I LOVE this bag on you. The distressed material really adds a nice touch.

  14. Very nice.......functional, practical and stylish! Great job Vicky ;)

  15. Yes, Jean, my son was being lazy. That's why I equated him to a Chinese emperor. :) I told him if he didn't start contributing to the household, he'd grow up being a Puyi. Of course I was exaggerating a bit, but I wanted him to know that it's not ok to just sit there and play game while other people are doing household chores.
    The funny part about the bag was that Bryan was actually the one finding it. I give him full credit because I wouldn't have seen it. I was looking for the quilted one and was quite disappointed by the look, and he wandered off and came back with this one. :) He's a great helper.

  16. There is no Bloomies in Canada either? Bummer. They ship to Canada right? If not, they are missing out on a big business opportunity. Hope you find your bag soon.

  17. Thank you so much, Cee. You are being so kind. :) I explained the Puyi joke under the reply to Jean's comment. Hope it helps. But if a joke needs an explanation, it's not any good. Hehe.

  18. Hanna, the bag weighs exactly 21.5 oz (1 lb 5.5oz). It's the weight of the leather and heavy padding. I noticed how much thicker the padding is compared to my existing one. If you compare it with other laptop bags, it's actually lighter. The Etienne Aigner Business Jacquard Business Tote in my post weighs 2 lb 6 oz, a whole pound heavier. It's not even leather.

  19. OOOO what a LOVELY new bag! Haha about parents never used that example parents were more of a fan of using "a dou" to illustrate their frustration with me and my older brother.

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