Thursday, April 21, 2011

OOTD: Leather Jacket and Leopard Print Scarf

Hi everyone. I hope you had a great week. Mine was insanely busy. Working around the clock and meetings. I am sooooo glad today is almost over and I will be able to take a long weekend off. Tomorrow, I will take 5 kids (including mine) to the movie theater to see "Rio the movie". I will be stuck with watching kids' movies for another few years. For now I'm enjoying every single movie I watch with them. :) Call me crazy.

The weather has been terrible in Massachusetts - cold, rainy, and windy. Evil, evil weather. I miss California, so much... Today, no rain was in the forecast but it was still COLD.  To spruce up my spirit, I took out the Theory jacket I bought last year and finished it with my all time favorite scarf - J.Crew Leopard print scarf. I have been wearing this scarf almost every day since I bought it (with my beloved J.Crew Stadium Cloth Peacoat), but never had a chance to take a picture until today. I think the leather jacket and leopard print naturally go together.  It creates a very chic look without trying too hard.  I tweeted about the stadium-cloth peacoat size 0P was again available in dark fatigue color for $69.99 online this morning. Free shipping on all orders with code WARMUP.  They were all gone within an hour after I tweeted.

These AT bootcut jeans used to be my favorite before I found the GAP legging jeans.  I haven't worn them that much since. I'm bringing it out to show some love. The pictures remind me why I loved it so much. 

Outfit Details:
Theory leather jacket
H&M sweater
Ann Taylor bootcut jeans
Aldo shoes
Kenneth Cole bag
J.Crew scarf


  1. I can't get over the leather jacket since you bought it on Black Friday! I love it so much! ^_^

  2. Thank you, Jen. I can't believe you remember!!!

  3. Cute! The leopard scarf is such a great touch to this outfit. I think I will always enjoy watching kids movies. haha <3

  4. I can't believe it's still that cold up north! This crazy weather has got to stop. NICE pairing with the leopard and leather. You look so chic!

  5. I soooo feel bad or u freezing Vicky while I breaking a sorry..don't mean to rub it in:) hehehehe

    Love the leather jacket and the leopard scarf is too cute!

    I hope this comes out the right way but I really think ur style has evolved and gotten so amazing since u first started blogging- not that it wasn't fantastic to begin I making any sense?

    And when am I going to see the reveal of ...u know what?:D

  6. Sorry the typo...I meant I feel bad for u freezing:)

  7. Hey, I don't mind you rubbing it in, Annie. Can I just say "I bet you can't wear this jacket where you are now. Ha Ha!" Jealous yet? lol.
    You are so sweet, Annie, to make a comment like that. This is what I feel, and what I hope for. The experience of blogging has been very positive in every aspect.
    Haha, soon, Annie, soon. :) Trust me, it's beautiful.

  8. You are just a kid, Jessy! :)

  9. Yes, Cee. I can't believe it either. I know this is typical of New England, but for some reason it's gotten to me more this year.

  10. Love the pop of leopard and you look so chic and streamlined with the touches of leather everywhere!

    Happy almost weekend! I've got a giveaway going on for some pretty floral scarves for summer, would love it if you swung by and entered! =)


  11. i love everything about this outfit! the leopard print scarf really goes with the leather jacket and i love those jeans on you! enjoy the movie tomorrow!

    cute & little

  12. Thank you, Jen. I just entered for your scarf giveaway. Hope I win!!! Red all the way.

  13. Thanks, Kileen! Happy long weekend to you!

  14. So cold. So windy. I can't stand it! I like your leopard scarf a la wendy.

  15. Lovely Dress but i like leather jacket......

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