Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why I love blogging ... (Old Navy red jacket)

I love blogging for a number of reasons. It's fun, it's relaxing, it's on the subject that I'm most interested in; but most importantly, it's you, my readers and blogger friends. It's you that made me so devoted to this blog. When I started blogging, I never realized that I could make so many truly wonderful friends, online! Share your stories if you agree with me here, my dear friends. I want to share mine today. Not too long ago, as I was sitting at my computer, surfing the web, a tweet came in, from Sydney at Petite Little Girl.  She spotted an orange jacket from Old Navy outlet for $10. (orig. $70). I really loved the fit on her and the bright orange color, but there is no ON outlet nearby. Sydney asked me if I wanted her to pick one up for me, and I was more than thrilled to take her offer. Several days later, a package came and a little cute coat appeared.  I am a little shorter than Sydney so the coat hangs a bit too long on the sleeves, but otherwise I really like the fitted body. The color is more like a pinkish red which is different from her twitpic, but it's also very cute. I especially like the look from the back. Even though it doesn't look as nice on me as on her, I still love it, and I am mostly very grateful that she took all the trouble to pack it and ship it out to me the very next morning after she got it.  She is one very sweet girl!
Remember the Suzie boots I ordered on Wednesday from Nine West's 24hr flash sale? It's here and I love it! It's stylish and versatile, most importantly it's comfortable.

Yes, I folded in the the sleeves by about 1.5 inches in case you are wondering.

The snow was melting at a very fast speed. The "ice dam" caused by the frozen ice/snow blocking the drainage of the house is creating major headache to most homeowners in New England. Everyone is complaining about water leakage into their house.  I was being very vigilant and checked the ceilings constantly.  Finally I spotted a wet strip in the kitchen ceiling this morning.  I guess no one can really escape the inevitable. :(

Hope you enjoyed the weekend, and talk to you all soon!


  1. Vicky, you look gorgeous in red. Can't wait to see more of it on you.

  2. This jacket is TOO CUTE! I especially love the back view and the color is so beautiful on you! Sydney is incredibly sweet for picking this up for you (she's helped me and several other readers in the past with locating items as well - that girl is too nice!)

    And this weather has been terrible - I've had trouble with the heat in my house twice in the last month. sigh. can't wait for this winter to be over!

  3. Hi Vicky, It would help if I measured the sleeve length for you first. It was a quick purchase so I forgot all about it. I am a little taller than you so the sleeves fit me OK. Do you think your Dad can take the sleeves up for you?

    Just like you, the relationship I have with other petite bloggers is what keep blogging interesting. How tall are those booties? Are they easy to walk on? They look really nice on you. I have to check them out.

    I am sorry to hear about your kitchen. I hope it’ll be an easy fix. Have a great week!

  4. How cute and OMG- what a great deal! You cannot beat that! So nice of PLG to scoop that up for us! Too bad about the sleeves but who cares at that price right?



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