Thursday, February 24, 2011

Venetian Masks

I have added two brand new Loft cardigans for sale. Check it out here. Great deal, so it'll go fast. Hurry.

No outfit post today. Will catch up soon. Jasmine and  I visited Pier 1 Imports yesterday and had lots of fun playing with the Venetian masks they had for sale.  All of them were handmade in Italy and the prices range from $30-$50 depending on the mask. Here are some of the masks we tried on. We sure enjoyed our visit. :)

The details of the last one is truly amazing. Do you like Venetian masks?


  1. these masks look like so much fun!! you guys need to find a masquerade party so you can wear some of these out! :)

    cute and little
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  2. Fun! Those masks remind me of the "Masquerade!" act in "Phantom of the Opera"!

    Seeing your fun times with your daughter is so refreshing! I wish all my students could have caring parents like you!!

  3. You guys look adorable! I've always wanted to attend some sort of masquerade ball, just to have an excuse to wear a mask like this. Maybe one day :)

  4. Oh, Michelle, thank you. I do love my kids, to death. :) I can't imagine any parent who doesn't. I thought it was built in.

  5. Loving the masks. Although i sell them i have never been to a masquerade ball though I am off to Venice soon!

  6. I love the masks! The crystals above the eyes are definitely the best ones!



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