Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Review: Banana Republic sweaters, skirt, and wrap dress

The winner of the "guess her name and age in the photo" contest is PetiteXXS. Congratulations! Not only did she guess the name and age right, she also managed to get both characters of my Chinese first name correctly (just in reverse order). She deserves to win! Thank you all for participating. It was fun. I thought of it on a whim last night. Gee, I must be really bored. :) 

My luck with Banana Republic on their petite sizes seems to be better than most of my blogger friends. Jean reviewed her package and called her feeling towards Banana Republic "lukewarm".  I do find BR sizing a bit of a mixed bag, and it's all over the place depending on what you are ordering.  I want to say I'm excited about certain pieces, but meh on the others. So here goes my order in no particular order. (I will skip the open cardigan which I already showed in this post.)

Color: rich deep purple
Material: 77% polyester, 23% Rayon
Machine wash or dry clean. score!
Fully lined.
Body length: 16"
Very pretty 3-D texture. 
Fit: perfect for me. No waist gap AT ALL. Sits on natural waist.

Verdict: Keep. This skirt is CUTE! There is nothing I don't like about it.

This 100% merino wool jacket has a very unique front and heavenly fit. The model shown on the website wore a few sizes too big I think, so the sweater looks boxy on her. In fact it hugs very well, and accentuates the waist. I have to thank Well Heeled Blog for recommending it because otherwise I wouldn't have ordered and wouldn've know how great looking it is. 

Verdict: Definitely keep. This is my favorite item of the bunch.

I ordered a purple color because I have too many grays in my closet. The sweater is actually multi-colored. In other words they used many colors of the same family to knit this sweater. The cable placket is very unique. The fit is a bit big on me, but that's because I sized up. The PXXS would've fit me perfectly. Since it's not a fitted sweater, in order to achieve the oversized loose fitting look, I think this size is ok on me. I like the sleeve length (yes, I prefer it longer), and the length. What do you think?

I tried it with skirt and skinny jeans and preferred the skinny jean look. Then I thought of belting.

 I think belting looks better, do you think?

Verdict: Not sure. I like a lot of things about this sweater, the color the unique look, the warm and coziness, the fit. But do I really need it and would I wear it often? I'm not sure. What do you think? Shall I keep or return?

This wrap dress has a lot of potential. It fits very small, which is good. The 3/4 sleeve is nice for us petites. The 95% viscose and 5% spandex material I'm not crazy about, but it's drapy and flowy and it looks fine. I have two problems with it. Number 1, its length. If I were to keep it, I would need it an inch or two shorter. Number 2, wrap opening. too low for my liking. I have to wear a cami underneath to feel more comfortable, which probably kill the whole look.

Verdict: Return.

What do you think? Do you agree with my decisions?


  1. My favorite is that first skirt...I love the color and texture of it. As for the shrug, I didn't care for it with the skirt, but I think its really cute with jeans! It looks cute belted also...if it was cheap, I'd keep it as a cute and warm layering piece....lord knows you need that with all this cold and snow!!

  2. Hi Vicky,

    My favorite item from this post is the Priscilla Sweater Jacket. It fits you nicely and I love the style. I don't really care much for the shrug. The skirt fits you great. It looks really tiny on you. I saw it in store the other day and thought the material was a bit thin (even though it is fully lined). I am just wondering how it would hold up after a wash. Since the skirt is under $16.00, it is a keeper for sure.

  3. Think I already told you that I liked everything on you (but understand your reasons for not keeping the wrap dress and/or sweater). I have to say, the skirt looks much better on you than it does on me lol... and I had thought the fit was decent on me too! I'm sad I missed out on the Priscilla sweater, but I'm glad you managed to snag one for a great price!

    Thanks again for the ring... believe it or not, it will be my very first non-engagement/wedding ring ever! I have teeny size 3 fingers and rings never fit. But now that I know Jean's tape trick, I'm excited to try it out! :)



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