Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nice thing about cleaning out my closet and having a blog sale ...

Is to find something that is super great and has been hanging in the closet for years without any attention. This is a silk blouse custom made in China eons ago and when Chinese money was not inflated like now yet. My sister had it made and sent to me via a friend and I just couldn't figure out how to wear it.  So naturally it was in the pile of clothes I was going to sell, until I tried it on for a blog sale picture. Then I fell in love.  Sorry guys, I'm keeping this one.  I have uploaded a lot more items today though, so do make sure to check it out. A lot more to come in the coming days. My bedroom is a big mess now.

Outfit details:
Custom made shirt, gifted.
BR factory skirt (00P)
Ann Taylor belt
Chinese Laundry pumps (if I had kept the AT pump at home, I would've chosen that one instead)

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Michelle. Isn't the color pretty? I'm glad I found it. :)



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