Monday, January 17, 2011

OOTD: Playing with patterns & Meet up with Jean

My dad who used to be my regular photographer went to visit my sister for a month or two, so I'm left with no daily photographer.  I used to have my OOTD taken in the morning before work, now I can only sigh. I need a set up with timer, but I haven't found a spot inside the house that can take decent pictures, and outside is hazardous. So today I had to take the pictures AFTER work, which I knew wasn't a good idea, because you could tell that my eyes could hardly stay open, so I mostly cropped out my head for your visual enjoyment.
I actually like my outfit today very much. I wore two different houndstooth patterns together and made it work. The reason they worked together was because the pattern on the tights are very subtle. 
Just walked into the door after work.

Forever 21 Ring, Gap Belt, 

Close up on the patterns
We are in the middle of the winter now, and the weather can be very brutal.  I like wearing skirts, so I wear a lot of OTK boots. In this case, I layer my tights. I was wearing two layers of tights, with the inside one being footless and black. It does help fending off the cold air. 

Outfit details:
Merino wool V-neck sweater from Ann Taylor outlet (xxsp)
Wool skirt from Loft outlet (00P)
Patterned tights from Anthropologie
Michael Kors booties (sz 6)
Gap belt
Forever 21 Ring (sz 6)

On a separate note, I finally decided to upsize the H&M lace skirt from a size 2 to a size 4 this weekend.  The waist of  a size 2 skirt I got was 12" laying flat, and the size 4 one I got was 12 1/2" laying flat. The perfect fit for me would probably be a 12 1/4".  Annie from Really Petite tweeted that hers is 11 3/4" and Kileen from Cute and Little tweeted that hers is 12 1/8". You can see the size inconsistency here. So lesson learned? Try everything on, you never know what you are going to get. :) (Update: Just got a tweet from Elle. Hers is 12 1/4". Would've been perfect for me. )

On my trip to Boston last Sunday to upsize the skirt, I had an opportunity to meet up with Jean from Extra Petite. We've been talking about meeting up for a while and finally I had an excuse to go into Boston so we had Dim Sum together.  This is the first time I saw Jean in person, and first time to meet up with a blogger. The experience was simply exciting.  I also asked Bryan (the husband) to come along, and he agreed without hesitation. "Sure," he said, "what should I wear?" That's the funniest thing, because he's never asked this question before. I guess meeting with a fashion blogger gave him this "pressure". "Whatever," I answered. "Just what your wear normally." He thought for a few second, and let out the biggest grin, "I should just wear a striped sweater over a plaid shirt!" 
When we met at Hei La Moon, it was as if we had known each other for a long time.  I didn't feel the need to break the ice or anything. Everything was so natural.  She looked even more pretty than the pictures and videos. She's got perfect skin. When I was her age, I was covered with zits. We started talking, and talking non-stop until we had to leave.  She was so easy to talk to, even though we had very little in common. She's in finance, I'm an engineer. She's in her early 20s, and I'm old enough to be her mother. She's single (Update: but unavailable), I'm married with 2 kids. BUT, there is something we have in common, we are both petite, and we both love chicken feet! Yay! If you see the pictures of us together, you can tell that I'm bigger than she is, but guess what she said when she saw me first? "You are SO tiny!" 

We'll have another nasty storm upon us tomorrow. Talking about snow, I want to share a cute picture of Jasmine in the tunnel she dug out and Tristan digging a trench last Tuesday during the snow storm that left us with 18 inches of accumulation. 

Hope everyone have a great week! 


  1. Love the outfit! During winter I also wear as many as layers as possible, including 2 pairs of tights or tights & leggings!
    How exciting to have a blogger meet-up (there's a lot of that going around lately!). Really enjoyed this post.
    Stay warm in all that snow!

  2. Your outfit is really cute! I love how you added the visual interest with the patterened tights and studded belt! This winter has been ridiculous, I just found out I'm off from work today due to an ice storm, and its supposed to snow again Thurs. night! Craziness! You and Jean look adorable together! Yay for a blogger meet up!



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