Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Keep or Return: BR classic trench xsp

It's so good to be home again. It took me a whole day to unpack, do laundry, grocery shopping, and catch up on some blog reading. Tomorrow will be my first day of work in 2011 and why do I not looking forward to it? You probably all know if you read my last post that I was expecting a package from Annie for the Loft giveaway winnings and the H&M lace skirt. I got it today and I was beyond excited. Thank you so much again Annie for hosting the giveaway, and thank you so much for hunting down the skirt and mailing it to me. I loooooove everything from the giveaway winning, and I promise I will do a separate post on it. The not so good news was the skirt. After the week of big feasts at my sister's house, and not really moving around much, I now proudly announce that I gained TWO pounds. It might sound ridiculously small to some people, but for petites like me, this is huge. This is enough to go from "able to fit into the H&M lace skirt" to "can't zip up the H&M lace skirt".  Now I'm pretty sure I can lose the weight in a couple of weeks, but will I be able to fit into it AFTER I lose the weight? That I need to find out. The lace is sooo beautiful that the thought of framing and hanging it on the wall came to mind in case I could never ever make it fit. I'm not kidding. This skirt put Loft lace skirt to shame. No offense, Loft. See how pretty it is on Annie here.

Ok, back to the topic of today's post. I spotted this beige classic trench coat in xsp from our local BR store before Christmas. This trench that originally cost $199 was on sale for $72. I tried it on and thought it fit pretty good. I loved the classic color and the 100% cotton material that is really soft and nice. I love the quality of this trench. It's well made inside and out. I was totally thrilled about this purchase until I came home and snapped some pictures of it for my blog.

I just learned a lesson in psychology, that said if I tell someone that they are drinking a $200 bottle of wine, they would actually believe the wine tastes awesome, even if they are just drinking the two buck chuck from Trader Joe's.  So I will not say anything I don't like about these pictures so I don't sway your opinion. Fair enough? Great. Now can you please do me a favor and let me know if this trench is a keeper or not, and why? I greatly appreciate it.


  1. Hi Vicky, I'm just started reading your blog and wanted to leave a comment to let you know that you have a new follower! I like the idea of the trench but I have to agree with some of the others, it just seems too big all over? The part that bothers me is actually the lapel and the collar, which overwhelms your frame?

  2. Hi, Annie. Thank you for stopping by. And thank you for your support. Hope you visit often. :)

  3. I agree, Aubrey. Those arm holes are big!

  4. Hi Vicky
    So what was the verdict? Did you keep it?
    I just read your post on the Ann Taylor Vintage trench on you and have to admit that one fits you much much better.
    Having said that, if you no longer have those Ann Taylor ones for sale, I'd consider buying this one from you.
    No joke-we Canadians find it hard to find Petite sizes!

    Let me know
    Theresa. (my email: theresa_w@hotmail.com)



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