Friday, January 7, 2011

DEAL ALERT: ZOYA 3 free bottles of nail polishes - ends today

In case you have somehow been too busy and missed the exciting tweets and blogs that talked about this, I'm dropping a quick post here, reminding you that this deal ends today. It's an amazing promotion indeed. I am not really a nail polish junkie, but recently have started collecting some interesting colors.  This deal is really hard to pass. I made it a mother-daughter activity out of it last night which turned out to be super fun, to pick out 3 colors out of thousands of color selections they have.

The deal: Order 3 bottles of nail polishes for free from ZOYA, and pay only shipping $6.95, using code FB2001. (ZOYA nail polishes are usually $7 each)

Thanks to Liane from PetiteXXS, I found this great blog Scrangie  that does lots of ZOYA swatches. Check it out for your selections.

After one hour of debating, my daughter and I finally settled on the following 3 selections:
Fawne, Ibiza, and Adina.
Fawne - courtesy of
Ibiza - courtesy of
Adina - coutesy of
I just noticed that my favorite beauty blogger Jen from "From Head to Toe" also blogged about this amazing deal a few minutes ago. Check her selections here.

Did you take advantage of this deal? What are your 3 choices?


  1. That really is an amazing deal....I could see a company giving away one bottle of nail polish, but three? That's pretty generous!

  2. i think i'm the only person who chose to pass on this amazing deal. i have so many nail polishes and some that i haven't even used yet. can't wait to see these colors on you though!



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