Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter wonderland - my trip to NC

With 20 inches of snow forecasted for Boston area last Sunday, I was geared up to do some after-snow pictures. It turned out that Boston didn't even get to have the "blizzard" that it was hyped to be, but we got some nasty wind and about 8 inches of snow over night. Even if we did have the 20 inches of snow, I wouldn't have had the time to take pictures, because we had to brave the storm and drove down to North Carolina to visit my sister's family. Talking about determination. The 2-day drive was brutal, but the result of being able to see my sister and her family and spend some quality time together was priceless. (translation: eat good food together, my sister is a wonderful cook, unlike me).  We finally arrived yesterday and I had a great night of sleep after the long trip.
Worst part of the trip was waiting for 45 minutes in the New Jersey Turnpike service area exit, twice. First time to use the facility and second time to fill up the gas. The reason for the wait was the stupid NJ law that prohibits self service gas pumping. They didn't hire enough workers so every car was taking 10-20 minutes to get gas. The gas station lane was so backed up that even people who just wanted to go to the restroom had to wait in line. That was the most frustrating part of the trip. I am NOT going to get gas in NJ on the way back!
Best part of the trip was also related to the rest stop. We were in one of the rest area in Virginia and everyone went to the bathroom. My boy went in with my husband and came out dancing and laughing. I was surprised to see him so happy after a leak. Then I heard what happened from my husband. Apparently, my boy went to a stall and locked the door, did his job, and tried to get out. But he couldn't unlock the door! Know what he did? He climbed out from the bottom! Now the stall is permanently locked, from the inside!

On to my outfit. This was taken BEFORE the famous storm, so no you are not looking at the aftermath of the storm. I was wearing Miss Sixty long wool coat and Cole Haan green cashmere scarf. The scarf was a Christmas present from my mom, and I absolutely love it! The color is so rich and it feels warm and soft!

Happy Holidays, everyone!!!

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  1. that green cashmere scarf looks so lovely on you and i'll bet it's super soft. i can't believe these were pictures before the storm! so much snow already!!

    and such a funny story about the bathroom stall!



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