Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday rambling and boy's fun hat from GAP

Hi everyone. Hope you had a fun Saturday and your shopping experience was positive. Mine was mixed. I went to the mall to return the GAP legging jeans that I purchased online (classic wash, and faded medium crinkle worn). I am really not a fan of the faded medium crinkle worn look. It made me look like a street bum, which on the other hand might be the jeans' intention in the first place. :)  The classic wash looked fine, but it was too tight on me. Gap legging jeans have very inconsistent sizing. I bought two pairs of black wash jeans in the same size (both 00P) they were 2 inches different in length, and one is much tighter than the other. BUT, if you get a pair that fits, then you are in luck, because it feels so comfortable and it looks so amazing.  Anyhow, I went to return the online purchase and figured I'd take advantage of the 50% sweater sale and 35% off GAP card purchases. I wanted to buy some basic merino wool sweaters for my hubby and dad.  I have to say that I was disappointed. The sweater collections were so boring and not all the styles were 50% off. I ended up getting one black cardigan for my dad (I thought the style was too old for my husband) and when I checked out the SA told me I could combine the promotion with the 35% discount. Boo! I picked up a couple of hats for my son, one regular price, one on sale. I asked if the hats get the 35% off, she said yes. So I really don't get it now. The hat on sale could get the extra 35% off, but not the sweater? Whatever. This negative experience was offset by a completely different and much more fun and rewarding trip to the Loft. Again, I can't stop ranking and raving about the ladies working at Loft in Solomon Pond Mall. They are just excellent. They told me that I could combine the two $25 off savings card with the 30% off in store promotion, and they allowed me to use the facebook fan 10% extra off coupon as well. Now we are talking. :)  I will do a separate post on my Loft loot, because I am already too long winded and I don't usually do posts this long. Back to the GAP hats I bought for my son. It's very hard to buy hats for him. He doesn't like wool touching his forehead "because it's uncomfortable", so I have to buy fleece-lined hats. I bought 2 in case he doesn't like one then I get a spare. I wasn't sure about the fur trimmed one because I have no idea if he is going to tell me that the fur bothers him or not. But it's so fricking cute, so I got it anyways. To my pleasant surprise, he loves it. I was wearing it all evening with his PJ, and this morning after he put on his clothes, the hat was on also.  Now that's a successful buy! 

The last picture was when he tried to put both hats on at the same time. He likes to be silly. I could find the orange hat online, but failed to find the furry one there. Total for the two hats was $17 and it was a cheap way to keep the boy happy and warm. 

Readers, do you need to buy anything this holiday season for kids in your life?

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