Saturday, December 11, 2010

Loft Cowl Neck Sweater - fitting room pics

I want to do a quick post on the Loft Cowl Neck Sweater I bought today in Dessert Mauve. The sweater was on a one day promotion for $25 (orig. $59.50) and it was stackable with the $25 savings card. You see the excitement here right? The sweater is quiet attractive in person. The fitting of the xxsp is too small and short on me, so I went up a size to xsp. I like the look of the xsp a lot.

This is the sweater in xxsp, see how short the sleeves are? I like my sweater sleeves long. Also I tried to wear the cowl neck two different ways and love both.

 This is the sweater in xsp. Much better.
This sweater is very scratchy. So if you have sensitive skin, stay away, but I plan to wear it over something else, so it shouldn't be too big of a problem.

On a separate note, I saw the military sweater on super sale (under $30), so I tried on an xsp. I liked it this time. Remember my disgust in this review? Well, I think it was because I was wearing a size too small. I was wearing an xxsp. (or is it because the price is too good to pass?) Update: This sweater is sold out online, but still available in some stores.
What do you guys think?


  1. I remember liking the miliatary sweater on you the first time I say go for it! The cowl neck sweater looks really cozy...and I like the color!

  2. Really, Tara? You liked it before? You have this unconditional love for this sweater just like my husband did. He was really against it when I said I was going to return it. :)

  3. Hi Jen. I just checked online and it's sold out already. You might want to call your local store and ask. Your comments are so kind. Thank you!

  4. Hi Michelle, I am pretty certain that the xxsp will be too short for you, since you are a few inches taller than me. But the xxs might work just fine for you. Good luck.

  5. Thank you Kileen. Looks like the military jacket is a keeper since I haven't heard any negative comments yet. :)



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