Sunday, November 7, 2010

Review: Loft military ruffle jacket and Melton Coat

I'm so glad that I'm taking pictures of all my new major purchases before I decide to keep it or not. This activity has literally saved me tons of money for NOT keeping the items that look horrific on me but somehow made me think they didn't. This weekend, it happened again. I bought this Loft military jacket in 00P during the 30% off promotion for the new item roll out, and it was sitting in the bag until I pulled it out this morning for blog pictures. I bought it so early and didn't wait for further sales because I thought it was REALLY cute and I thought it fit me SO WELL, and I couldn't afford to wait because the small size would be all gone. Now that I saw the pictures, I didn't even hesitate to take it back immediately, barring my husband's fake sad face with the "BUT I REALLY LIKE IT" plea.

Alright the front view looks like I'm waring a hoola hoop. It looks ridiculous. And is it me or does it look too short on me? The back view doesn't look that bad. I really like the collar. The mid section saucer doesn't look too exaggerated as the front view, but I hate the way my bums stick out.
Pros: The buttons are military style and are really cute. The wool is thick and warm, and it doesn't irritate my skin which is a huge plus.
Cons: Well, it's pricey (regular price @ $128) and look at the pictures, need I say more?!
However, if the price goes down, I might try on the next size up and it might be just a bit longer.
This sweater looks cuter on smaller framed petites like PAG or MiniMaestra.

Next, the Melton Coat in 00P. I got this coat when they had the $75 one day sale last week, and I LOVE it. The 00P fits me really well and it looks great buttoned or unbuttoned. The color is a subdued pinkish purple, and Loft calls it eggplant. The only problem I have so far is that the last bottom has fallen off once already which was remedied easily by sewing it back on. When I bought the coat it lost one button already. (Not surprised now that I know how easily that can be yanked off). Don't worry, I got a discount for not owning all the buttons on the coat, and it came with spares. After looking carefully I realized that there are two reasons why the buttons come off just like that. 1. The metal hoop on the bottom of the button was not smooth, it had a bit of sharp edges, so threads don't get a chance when force is used. 2. The bottom button hole does not have stitching around it so buttons go in and out easily. I realized that they did that on purpose so that when you don't use the bottom button, the button hole is nicely hidden. Sort of a designed as a feature, but unfortunately turned out to be a bug type thing.

Finally get a chance to show off my lovely Kenneth Cole earrings.
Petite Little Girl had a guest blogger today who happened to have also blogged about this coat. I'm glad this coat is getting the attention it deserves.

Outfit details:
boots: Aldo (last season)
Jeans: Loft (last season)
scarf: GAP (in store now)


  1. I LOVE anything military...I think both actually look wonderful on you!
    Thanks for all your sweet, supportive comments as I venture into 30 for 30.

  2. I agree with the 1st coat. I didn't like how it fit on you. The second one is lovely. I was super excited that the store manager was able to order it for me with free shipping. I hope I still like it after it arrived

  3. Hmm... I'm glad you took outdoor pics with the second coat, the eggplant color is deeper than I thought. How are the sleeves on you?

  4. Glad you found me. :) Yes, that is too bad. It's on major sale now in store. I wish I could love it. :)

  5. I own this coat, as well. Love the styling; but the buttons have consistently fall off! I have kept it and usually just wear it open!



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