Saturday, November 13, 2010

Review: Aldo shoes

Last weekend I went to Aldo store to check out these two pairs on sale that I spotted on line:
They both look so cute online, but I still wanted to see them in person so I called the store up to verify that they had them in stock. I tried both of them on in size 6, my normal shoe size. Aldo shoes can run small sometimes, so having to size up is not surprising.
SHARLIN was surprisingly unflattering. My feet were swimming in size 6 shoes. Ankle size was too big, and I just didn't like the look at all.  The shoes come in 3 colors, I didn't even bother to try the black and the red.
ALBY looked like it was going to work. It fit well, and the heel height was just right. But these shoes look totally different when real feet are in them. The cuteness was gone, and it just looked weird. Sorry I didn't take any pictures but it was a no-go for me.
When I almost wanted to leave with disappointment, I spotted the CLARY in black.

They were so simple yet elegant. I immediately asked the SA to get a pair of size 6 for me.  Here's the verdict:
  1. They are truly good looking shoes. The style is very simple, but it's also very pretty at the same time.
  2. The material is real suede, not synthetic. 
  3. It was on sale for $41.99.  Orig. $90. In fact online these shoes are still $90. 
  4. They are very comfortable overall, except for one thing that can be fixed and explained in the #2 of the cons list.
  1. These shoes don't have much tractions under them. They are extremely slippery. I found that to be true for a lot of Aldo shoes, and found the solutions to this problem to be very simple. There are these non-skid pads for sale that work like magic. You just stick one underneath the shoes, and problem solved.
  2. The outer sides of the shoes hit the ankle bones right on, making them very uncomfortable. I used shoe pads usually made for the inside front of the shoes and stuck them to the back, raising my ankle bones by just a tad bit, missing the edges of the shoes. If it still doesn't work, a band aid would also work. Hehe. :)

Another neutral point is that the black doesn't look true black in natural sunlight. It has a dark purple tint. You can probably see it in the pictures below. Under florescent light, they look black. 
The Taupe color is also very lovely, except it's currently still selling for full price.

And here is how they look on me:

Outfit details:
Sweater: Loft
Skirt: Loft outlet
Shoes: Aldo (sz 6, buy them here)
Coat: Loft (reviewed here, buy it here)


  1. How did I miss your review of the Melton coat?!! I have no idea, anyway.............looks lovely on you! And I forgot that you had the striped corsage sweater. (I just added this link to my last post). Those shoes are really cute, but I'm concerned about them hitting your ankle bone. I hope the shoe pads work, that was a really good idea. Then again, what else would you expect from an engineer ;)

  2. I take it as a compliment. :)
    I miss posts all the time, and that's happens when you get busy. :) Thank you for adding the link to my post.

  3. I take it as a compliment. :)
    I miss posts all the time, and that's happens when you get busy. :) Thank you for adding the link to my post.

  4. Those shoes are super cute on you and you can't be a >50% discount on them!! Hopefully the shoe pads will fix the ankle bone issue. :)

  5. Those shoes do look a little purple, but it matches your outfit well. I tend to have the same issue with online browsing, it doesn't look as nice in person. But at least you found a great pair instead! =)

  6. How odd that they look so purple in natural light! But still cute and a good price for suede. I only have one pair of shoes from Aldo, and although they're so cute I just can't wear them because they're so uncomfortable :\

  7. I love that Sharlin styled ankle boots from aldos. The piece may boost the womanhood of the wearer and I would love to get one of that! I just get my new ankle boots and short booties from Make me chic and last time was from aldos. they were great!



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