Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Guest appearance: for the sake of lack of pictures

Have you been in a "blah" state for an extended period of time? Well, I have. And I can tell you that it's not so fun to be "blah". I haven't been trying to put together an outfit for a while, and even if I did put something together, I felt too blah to take a picture of it. So, guess what, I'm running out of pictures to post, and I'm running out of ideas.  So here's when kids come in handy. I work so hard to get them fed and dressed, who says I can't use them as blog fillers? So here they are:

Ignore the boy, ok. He ran into the frame last minute giving the photographer no time to react.
I want to say a few words about the Abercrombie cardigan that Jasmine is wearing. It's pretty, comfy, soft, and the rosette and bow embellishments came out of the wash in tact. I think it's better made than some of the adult clothings in other stores. I am very impressed about the quality. She's wearing a size M.  So my beautiful petite ladies, this is a pretty good cardigan for the price. If you go to the A&F store, a similar cardigan would cost at least 60% more.

Jasmine's outfit details:
cami: Justice
Cardigan: Abercrombie Kids (buy it here)
Jeans: Justice
Boots: Gap Kids(reviewed here)


  1. your kids are the cutest!! i love the cardigan top on your daughter and the scarf adds a wonderful bit of color. she has such great style just like you! :)

  2. Lol! Your (hapa? I'm not certain) babies are so beautiful. Funny things is many of us could probably rock what Jasmine is wearing despite having a decade or two on her.

  3. Ooh, Jasmine is adorable! And so is the boy we are supposed to be ignoring! =) Their outfits are just awesome! Great job!

  4. sorry to hear you're feeling blah! totally understandable, but hope to see you again soon.

    in the meanwhile, your kids are ADORABLE. Love Jasmine's outfit.

  5. wow, those items remind me of an indulgent dessert. Perfect for fall. Can't wait to see them on you.

  6. Oh thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad you found it over at FB (hope they didn't mind I left a link to my blog there!) your kids are adorable and they look so stylish.

  7. Your kids are adorable! So fashionable too haha... they're so lucky they have you to keep them so well-dressed :P All I had were hand-me downs from relatives growing up lol. And is it sad that I'd probably wear something similar to what Jasmine has on, but probably just one size up? :P



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