Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cable-knit-long-sweater and Over-the-knee-boots

I really enjoyed going through everyone's fashion challenge posts and see what you have come up with for "Wear it now, wear it later" challenge.  It was surprising that as simple as the idea might have sound, everyone's take of the challenge was so different, and unique. There were ideas galore! I made written and mental notes for a lot of outfits that I know I'll copy in the fall.
Fall has been my favorite season since I moved to New England from California more than 7 years ago. I love it for its cool air and vibrant colors. Not to mention that there are many holidays lined up all the way to the end of the year. Also I finally get to sit in the sun and not have some severe allergy reactions coming at me. This year I have a new reason to love this season: the endless outfit combinations.  Just really love the layering!

I took the challenge to put together an outfit this weekend that allowed me to wear over the knee boots. All you petite framed gals would know what a challenge it is to find one that will fit your thin legs. Most of the boots are made for regular sized women, which in the US unfortunately means that we are all sized out. I have heard from a friend of mine that when she went to France 10 years ago, she couldn't find any long boots that will zip up on her. She ended up getting a pair that was made of stretchy materials.  Maybe skinny girls will have better luck finding boots that fit in Europe? This was 10 years ago. According to my dear husband, Americans since fought the battle by introducing McDonald's to Europe. Ha.
I bought these boots last year after reading the reviews that they were too tight and too short for most people. I jumped onto the opportunity and snatched myself a pair. And guess what? They were right. It was made for us petites.

The boots can also be folded over and worn like regular tall boots.

Outfit details:
Long sleeve T: Loft (xsp, buy it here, previously blogged here).
Cable Knit Sweater: Loft outlet (xsp)
Belt: White House Black Market
Leggings: Loft (Petite Ponte Leggings, xsp, buy it here)
OTK boots: Via Spiga (V-Nevine, stone suede, sz 6M, in black here.)
Sunglasses: Michael Kors


  1. Vicky - these boots are GORGEOUS. Can you please tell me the style name so I can hunt them down? Also what size did you take in them and what size do you wear in say, Target or Ann Taylor?

  2. I love those boots on you, they are perfect for you!

  3. Wow, what a great find! Love the slight OTK look and it's so luxurious-looking! =)

  4. Love, love, love those boots!!!!!! Yes, more details please!!!!!!!

  5. I love those boots! I've had so much trouble with finding boots that fit and sort of gave up on the hunt last year... but I keep seeing gorgeous boots on everyone and I WANT!

  6. Wow! Those boots look amazing on you! Its nice to see petite gals can pull off the trend also!


  7. Thank you Sydney. I did have fun taking pictures. It was a very nice, sunny and cool day, and I was really loving those boots. :)

  8. Yep, the boatneck is comfy and stylish!

  9. I measured the top (with flap folded over), 7 inches across.

  10. And add inches and comfort. :)

  11. V-Nevine, Stone, Suede. I updated the post to add a link to a black pair on They only have sz 10 left. You might need to search around. Mine are sz 6 and I wear sz 6 shoes in all brands. The Target T-strap is a sz 6.

  12. I have updated the blog to add link to a black pair. At least you can see what it looks like in black.



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