Wednesday, October 13, 2010

BR factory coat and H&M jacket

I have been having some sort of blogger's block recently. I have no inspiration on putting together an outfit worth posting. So I contemplated using an old picture from September yesterday. I looked at it and shook my head. I could not think of any words to go with it. PLUS, I have been sleeping in a lot recently, so no time for pictures in the morning. So today's post will not be an OOTD. Today's post is really on two jackets, or one coat and one jacket to be precise. Please don't criticize me on the length of my jeans. I know they are too short. It shrank over the course of 5 years for at least 1.5 inches. I bought it at the perfect length, (it wasn't easy, alright), then it just got shorter and shorter. Now it's good for 1 inch heels. If only there was an article like this one written by Kelly from Alteration Needed to explain the shrinking effect of jeans with 98% cotton content! Do check it out, it's very comprehensive and interesting.

The first coat was bought last weekend from Banana Republic Factory store. (size xsp) I was wearing a thick sweater (see this post) then. When I tried it on, it felt like it fitted very well. Then when I put it on to take a picture this morning, it didn't feel right. It felt "big" on me. It didn't look as nice as when I tried it on. I was wearing a cami and a cardigan underneath so it was significantly lighter compared to the cable sweater I was wearing when I tried it on in the store. What do you guys think? The material is 67% polyester, 27% wool, and 6% other fibers. It's pretty thin, so I can't wear it in the middle of winter. It's more of a fall coat.

The next jacket is from H&M. I saw it on Jean from Extra Petite first and had the opportunity to grab a grey one of size 2 a few weeks ago. I really like this jacket. It fits well, very comfy, and cute.

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