Saturday, October 30, 2010

All about Loft

I think Loft has been doing so much for me that it deserves a special post in my blog.

Where should I start? Let's start with Loft facebook featuring "How Bloggers Wear Loft.." series. I had the honor to be featured twice in the series. First time in "How Bloggers Wear LOFT to Work." and second time in "How Bloggers Wear LOFT on the Weekend." Check out how other bloggers wear LOFT as well. It's so much fun. Thank you, LOFT!

Second, I want to compliment LOFT customer service, yet again! I bought a whole bunch of items from Loft last weekend, not knowing that it would be on further sale this week yet again. I didn't even get a chance to wear them yet. So I stopped by the local store today with my receipt and clothing items and asked them if I could get a price adjustment. For sale items they couldn't do price adjustment without the items themselves, but with the items, they were able to do a return and re-purchase to save me tons of money.  The scuba dress is now $18 and the velvet jacket is now $26, the tweed jacket is now $26, and the scuba jacket (yes, I got a 0P last week) is not $31. Also seeing how cute this jacket looked on Mini Maestra, I also gave it a try today. They happened to have one 00P left, and I snatched it for $21. I know I now own pretty much ALL the jackets there is in Loft. Haha.

Last but not least I want to mention one exciting giveawayLOFT will be giving away 10 pairs of their best- selling Over The Knee Riding Boots, that have sold out almost everywhere! Beginning on November 1st, they will be giving away 2 pairs of boots a day in the following sizes: 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, and 9. Visit LOFT’s Facebook fan page to receive more details on how to enter! 

You might ask, what's up with the size starting at 7? Well, I asked the same question. Loft, please consider us petites next time you do a giveaway. For those of you who are size 7 to 9, good luck!

Happy Halloween!!!

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  1. Hi Kileen,
    Just found your blog. :) Paid a quick visit. Very nice. At this point of the sale, it's a hit or miss trying to find something our size, right? Hope you have better luck next time. :)



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