Saturday, September 18, 2010

Review: Ann Taylor merino wool jacket and pearls

The Ann Taylor package (the 40% off sale one) finally arrived after what seemed like forever, but when I checked the date of the order, it only had been 7 days. I eagerly opened the package that contained the boiled fine merino wool jacket. I immediately had a very good feeling of this jacket BEFORE I even put it on. It was soft to the touch. (I have very sensitive skin, so I usually can't stand the scratchiness of wool). This one is different. It feels almost cashmere like. (Note, I say almost, which means it's NOT quite.) The AT website described it having a "felt-like texture", which is probably more accurate. Then I started looking at the seams and the stitchings. They were perfect. It was made as if it was a suit jacket. The inside of the collar had a lining. After I put it on, I knew immediately that it was a keeper. The fit was very good everywhere. The sleeves could be a tad shorter, but it was definitely at an acceptable length. Now I could stop here and give this jacket a score of 10/10, but I wouldn't be fair without mentioning the cute peplum detail on the back. Yes, the peplum again. Kelly, are you reading this? So added +2 bonus point to this jacket. Completely recommended without reservation. Sorry about the ripped jeans. I was wearing it for the weekend casual look, and was too lazy to change to pants.

Petite Boiled Merino Jacket (black, sz xxsp)

The fillers to get free shipping are the pearl set that I have been eying for a while. I don't think I can get better deals than 40% off. I wasn't sure which ones to order so I ordered all of them. With AT's easy return policy, I feel I have nothing to lose.
-- Pearl Necklace with Pave stem Caps
-- Pearl Bracelet with Pave Stem Caps
-- Pave Stem Cap Pearl Earrings
pearl bracelet with pave stem caps Ann Taylor-pearl necklace with pave stem caps Ann Taylor-pave stem cap pearl earrings
I was totally surprised by how BIG each pearl bead were. I measured it and it was about 0.5 inches. I'm not used to wearing pearls this big. They look too fake when they get to this size. They look very well made. They are cool to the touch. They don't have the shine that pearls that I'm used to have. They look great, but they don't look real. I posted a message on AT facebook wall hoping to get a confirmation on the make of these "pearls". (Another reason why I think they are not real? The price.)  Even if they are not real, I think I can justify keeping part of them, if not all. The gold and CZ pave stem caps are super cute. They look nice on me, barring being too big for my liking. What do you guys think of them? My pearl expert friends out there?

I look old and tired.

I was trying to show that the bracelet is a bit big for my wrist, but when rolled up, it was fine.
Outfit details:
3/4 sleeve sweater: BR outlet (Labor Day sale)
Slim fit jeans: Loft
Sandals: Aldo


  1. I love the jacket!! Ahhh, it was on my stalk list and now I regret not buying it. Nice to hear that the texture and fit is good. Those pearls look lovely on you too. =0D

  2. You know my taste very well. =)
    I love the back detail on that jacket! I have way to many jackets, but might try to pick this one up when it goes on sale.

    About the pearls, the easiest way to tell if they're real is to "bite" them. If you gently bite the side of a pearl, a real one will feel gritty or sandy. A fake one will feel completely smooth.

  3. I too love peplum, what a nice touch. This jacket looks like a blazer with the placement of the pockets, the lapels, even down to the buttons on the sleeves. Really gorgeous.

    I am not a fan of the pearls though...I am not an expert by any means but the pictures make them look kind of odd. But if you like them you should keep them. I am sure they look gorgeous in person.

  4. Vicky, I totally love tha cute! I really like jacket too, such cute detailing. The sleeves do look a bit long on you though which is surprising for that size.

  5. You look so comfy and cozy! I really love the grey sweater the best and the blazer detail is great.

    @AN's comment - biting pearls?!? Never heard of that! Oh man, I'd be scared about putting a dent into my real ones for the sake of an experiment :P

  6. I did the experiment and it worked. No dent or scratches. :) Just bite it very lightly.

  7. I went back and looked at the pictures. The sleeves do look longer than it felt. I even went with a size down. :(

  8. Keep stalking it, and it might go on sale. :)

  9. Not sure exactly why but i feel like the jacket is a little big on you from looking at the pics. And why is it that jewelry is always so much bigger in real life than they look online! At least that's been my experience anyway. And lol about biting pearls... I never knew that and now I'm tempted to try it too!

  10. Oh, I absolutely love that BR sweater! Good call on those pearls, a girl can never have too many pearls!





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