Sunday, September 5, 2010

Red dress in silk

My favorite loot from Loft this year. Pictures say a thousand words. So here they are:

 The wind was from the overly hyped Hurricane Earl. We live 40 miles from the coast. We got just a few drops of rain overnight.


  1. Hehehe...yea it was majorly overhyped. I slept like a baby and woke up to a barely damp ground.

    So glad you were able to score your red ruffle dress in store. Was it on sale with the additional 40% off? Btw, if you didn't make it to the outlets...I have to say it was probalby the most disappointing outlet trip I've had to date. No 00's or even 0's at Theory, mediocre offerings at Banana Republic and J.Crew, etc...

  2. Yes, it was on sale for $80 and I got 40% off on top of that.
    I went to the outlet yesterday. The place was so packed that it took us half an hour just to get off the ramp and park. The only decent sale I saw was LOFT and AT. They had 40% off everything in the store, so I scored some fall skirts and sweaters. Theory was a huge disappointment. When I got there, there was no size 0 or below left at all. My husband said you must have snatched everything that size in the store. hehe, now I can tell him he was wrong. :)
    I did take advantage of the 30% extra off on top of 30% in Cole Haan and got a bag for my mom.

  3. Yes, it will definitely make it to a post in the near future. I don't know how much people can stand seeing that jacket though. Maybe I'll do it the way you did it, give it a honorary mention or something ...

  4. Great color for your skin tone - Love it!!



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