Thursday, September 9, 2010

OOTD: Urban Outfitter Peplum Jacket (finally)

Oh the jacket that has been shown, reviewed, discussed, rediscussed, again, and again, and again. If you are interested in how it looks on other petites around the globe, here's the list:
Chole from The Chloe Conspiracy
Kelly from Alteration Needed
Stylepint: Pint-sized Musings
Jen from From Head To Toe
Sydney from Petite Little Girl
Liane from PetiteXXS
New addition to the list, where you can see everyone's picture in one spot:
Jean from ExtraPetite

Please let me know if I missed anyone. :) The jacket is a big hit, for a reason. It has a very unique fit. It's stretchy so it conforms to any body type. I especially like the back view, the peplum!
buttoned and cuffed

side view

My favorite - back view. Ha.

unbuttoned, just as cute.

My fall gears are slowly coming out.
Outfit details:
Peplum jacket: Urban Outfitters (xs) sold here.
Pearl Necklace: my birthday present from my sister
Slim fit jeans: Loft (0p)
T-strap heels: Charles David
Tote: Coach

Now so far I haven't seen any negative reviews about this jacket.  And I have to say that my opinion of this jacket is two thumbs up as well. However I do have one nit picking negative argument about this cute looking jacket: the internal stitching. Whoever stitched up my jacket seemed to have been drunk. The stitching was so crooked that it goes on and off the end. It also has many many loose threads all over the jacket. If you turn this jacket inside out, you'll notice how cheap looking it is. But I still decided to keep it, because it's cute, fits very well, and all the cheap stitching can be ignored for its price.
Notice the corner stitching was repeated multiple times, hence all the extra threads.

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