Tuesday, September 7, 2010

OOTD: Belted white shirt with jean tights + Loft sale

I have to mention this sale first thing first. Loft has added new items to its sales list and is still having 40% extra off sale. I found the following item extremely irresistible and called my local store to have them put away so I can pick them up after work today. I was able to get an extra extra 10% off, since Loft is giving Loft card members 10% off every first Tuesday of the month. Yay!  If you order online use coupon codes NEW40 for 40% off and TUESDAY10 for the extra 10%.

Petite Ruffle Front Cardigan in both Smokey Rose and Turquoise.  It doesn't have any small sizes left at the time of this post, but I bet they still have some in stores. Call around and ask them to put them away for you. Loft does a 3-day hold. They are really wonderful about it. That's what I did, and I have the Turquoise one on right now. :)

Also Loft is having a Fall Shopping event this Saturday, September 11th, 2010. From 11-5pm, you can go to a participating Loft and a Loft fashion stylist will show you how to turn their fabulous new essentials into countless looks for fall. What I'm interested in is the all-day exclusive 30% off full price purchases. I'm thinking of getting some pants there. I just had an epiphany this morning. I put on a Loft Curvy cropped jeans that I got last year and couldn't help but notice how well the fit was. The jeans didn't have any gap on the waist, which is my typical problem with pants. Then I realized that I almost always reached for straight pants like Marissa pants in Loft, because I didn't think I could ever be called "curvy". It turns out their curvy fit pants like Julie pants fit much better on me because curvy fit pants bother to pull in the waist. Ah-hah.

On to my OOTD. I finally figured out a way to wear this shapeless shirt I got from Gap eons ago. I love this shirt for two reasons. One, it's light weight, 100% cotton, and completely breathable. Two, its fan-shaped design in the neck area is adorable. Something about this shirt is very cute. BUT, I didn't know how to walk out of the house with it and doesn't look like I'm pregnant again. :) Problem was solved by adding a belt. And it's amazing what a simple belt can do to an outfit. The pictures were taken yesterday and the sun was so strong that all the pictures look washed out. Oh well.

Without belt
Notice I had 4 inches cut off my hair? And I love the semi circle stitching around the shoulder.
Outfit details:
Shirt: Gap
Jean tights: Loft
Pumps: Target
Necklace: The Limited
Bracelet: Swarovski

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