Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where do petites live, and Shark bite top from Express

I read a very interesting article from Wall Street Journal on the way back from my Portland trip last month. The title of the article was, "Fashion Nation: What Retailers Know About Us." Check it out if you get a chance. Online retailers know every click we make. They know which brands we've peeked at, how long we pondered, and what we actually purchased. They know the time of the day and the day of the week we shop.... Basically, they know everything. So much for privacy. But we are used to it right? Another very interesting statistical data they found out was that "women are thinner on the coasts." In New York and Los Angeles, 14% of women selected size 0 tops, compared with only 5% nationwide. Now hear this: Petite clothing and small shoe sizes were also popular on the coasts, raising the possibility that the women there are just smaller. Hummm. Any idea why? Any theories? I would love to hear your opinions. 

On to the outfit of the day. The pictures were taken a week ago. I had this shark bite top from Express that I absolutely love for it's 3-D graphics in the front. I envisioned that I would need a capri tights to go with it. Guess what, I don't own any tights, at least not yet. So I had to go with a capri jeans. Not quite there, but not too bad, I guess.  I was trying to portray an edgy look... yet again, after a complete failure in a June post here. This time, it's a tad bit better, I'll need to still work on it. hehe. Bear with me. 

Outfit details:
Top: Shark bite from Express
Capri jeans: Loft (old)
Sandals: Nine West
Necklace: Express
Bracelets: The Limited


  1. Love the perfect wind-blown hair in the first pic! Definitely more grungy this time :)

  2. Thank you, you are so kind. :)
    I was thinking the same thing about Asian population, but didn't think that Latinos are petites too. I think you are right.

  3. Thank you, Erika. Hope you are feeling better now.

  4. Hi Vicky! Funny, my gf and I talk about this quite a bit ~ we live on the West Coast, and in SF and LA there are SO MANY petites! Like, tons and tons! So, we have no problem finding clothes that fit us :) In fact, I've tried on many things that are too small for me!

    My theory would be akin to this blogger (fantastic writer btw, extremely articular and clever), and this post in particular He theorizes that (speaking for West coast only, not East) there is a high number of immigrants, namely Latinos and Asians, who are shorter in height. This makes a lot of sense to me, as geographically we are closer to South America than many other states in the US, and 2 of our cities (SF and LA) are culturally diverse hubbubs that attract foreigners. Think of Silicon Valley (houses Google, Apple, Adobe, ebay, Yahoo...etc) ~ that alone attracts hundreds of thousands of a diverse range or workers, many immigrants included.

    I think this is a longer explanation than you wanted, but it's my theory :)

  5. Ahhh I see you are in MA ~ my bf lives there :) I did not see so many petites there!



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