Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tangerine shorts

Hope everyone's weekend was good. I had a very busy one. My sister and her son are in town. I was showing them around Boston the whole weekend. On Saturday we had Dim Sum in Chinatown for lunch, strolled around in Boston Commons and Public Garden. Kids rode the carousel and played in the playground. The weather was really perfect. I ventured out with full sunscreen on and no allergic reaction yet. I was wearing one of my favorite finds from BR factory store on Friday - tangerine shorts. Since the color was so vibrant, (and I love that), I went with simply white top.

Outfit details:
Top: Gap
Shorts: Banana Republic Factory Outlet
Sandals: Aldo
Necklace: Swarovski
Bangle: Banana Republic

In Boston Commons. You can see the husband, son and nephew in the background. :)


  1. One day I will probably run into you around Boston. Where do you guys go for Dim Sum? My favorite place is hei la moon, after trying out all the places. The tangerine color is very bright and summer appropriate. It seems that we both got bright orange pieces from the BR outlet : )

  2. I saw that pair of shorts when I was at the outlet few weeks ago. I also saw a green one. Good choice :).

  3. That'll be really fun, to run into each other. In fact I was at the Prudential Center yesterday, and wondering about the same thing. I don't go to Chinatown that often, but we used to go to China Pearl, and now Empire Garden on Washington st. The food was ok. I will definitely try hei la moon next time. :) Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. I didn't see the green one, but a beige one. Thank you. :)

  5. I love the red shorts you got at BR! the color is so popping

  6. Thank you. That's what I love about these shorts. :)

  7. Wow that color is super pretty! Is it more of a red tangerine or orange! Either way- I love it! I don't have too many shorts....:( You pull this look off well!

  8. Thank you. The color is more red than orange.

  9. I love this outfit. Brilliantly pretty! I was more of thinking a black top when you pick it up at the store. But i think you did wonderful job.
    So funny that Bryan always looks like that in mind.

  10. Thank you. Yes, black would definitely work as well.



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