Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Peach dress again in Prudential

Second day of my sister's visit, we took her to the Prudential Center where the famous duck tour starts. I also think top of the prudential center (Skywalk Observatory) gives people a very good view of Boston. You can't leave Boston without having a lobster meal, so I took the crew to Legal Seafood for lunch. I was very impressed by their service. Since I have an allergy kid, restaurant experience with him usually consist of requesting the waiter/waitress relentlessly to check with kitchen what is safe for him. Usually I get impatient eye rolling, or vague answers, like "I don't think they use milk". or "it shouldn't contain eggs." I have had Tristan throwing up right after eating an acclaimed egg-free pancake before, only to be told that "oh, sorry, it does have eggs." Duh. Chinese restaurants are especially bad. So I usually let him eat a bite of the suspected food and wait for 5 minutes before giving him a full amount. The waiter at Legal Seafood on the other hand told me exactly what's in a dish and told me that the rolls were safe for Tristan. He checked it with the kitchen before I asked him to, and I appreciated it tremendously.
The outfit was last seen with a white belt here. I tried it with a brown belt this time.

Outfit details:
Dress: Banana Republic
Sandals: Bandolino
Belt: Coach
Bag: Coach
Hat: Eddie Bauer (not the most flattering hat I've seen, but had 3 important features that I was looking for: light weight, bendable, and with a strap.)

Some view of Boston from the Skywalk:

Both Jasmine and Tristan got a chance to drive the duck in the Charles River. They both got a sticker for it and were very happy.


  1. How cute! I love that dress nice color on you! :)

  2. Peach looks pretty on you. Jasmine's photo reminds me of Chelsea driving the "duck". have fun!

  3. Is "The Quack" you're holding about the duck tour??? I still remember doing the Freedom Trail in Boston, such a great city!

  4. Yes, it's the pamphlet for the duck tour.

  5. LOL. So true!!!
    I agree that we'll eventually meet. It's a small world after all. :)



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