Monday, August 2, 2010

How I spent my birthday

This is going to be a long story. So sit tight, buckle up, and get ready for a crazy rambling.
My birthday was Sunday. I woke up at 3 am in the morning. (what's wrong with me?) I closed all the windows because it was getting chilly. Then I lay in bed for about 50 minutes, still wide awake. I figured, if I get up and do some reading, I'd be tired again. (I was so wrong!!!) BTW, I don't have insomnia. In fact, I can count with my fingers how many days I had bad sleep in a year. And it's happening right now, on my birthday. I went downstairs to the office and turned on the computer. (Why did I do that?) I then started checking emails and facebook updates. (Bad move). Then I went to PAG's blog and see if she did any update on the Burberry Trench she promised to do last week. (Super bad move.) No update yet. But I started reading her old posts from last fall and winter, her quest to acquiring the best fitting Burberry's, her alteration saga, etc, etc. It was like reading a novel. I couldn't put it down. (PAG, sorry, didn't mean to stalk you at 4 am in the morning on your blog.)  I also could see how she had grown over the past months as a blogger.  Then the power glitched, and my screen went blank. I looked up, it was 6 am and it was no longer dark outside. I climbed back in bed and slept for a few hours before I had to get up to go to the Tanglewood concert. 

As you can see now, I barely slept, had a terrible headache, not feeling my best, but was determined to go to Tanglewood to see Yo-Yo Ma. I also managed to put on something worth photo shooting although I'm looking at the pictures now and not sure that outfit is the best choice. It's a halter top with matching skirt, by City DYNY.  I bought this set a few years ago when I visited the Cape Cod. It probably got one wear per year so far. I am not so sure why. 

The necklace was a birthday present from my 8 year old son. He knew that Mommy loves Swarovski. He made my husband take him to the mall and used his hard earned allowance to get this for me last week when I was in Portland.  I was in tears when I heard that. I love it! (Sentimental reason aside, this necklace is truly very beautiful, and very versatile. You can wear it with everything.)
We packed up our cooler with sandwiches, fruits, snacks, drinks, lawn chairs, lawn table, and umbrella, and started our 90 mile journey to the Berkshires. We drove by our mailbox and picked up the mail on the way out. Boy, boy, boy, what did I find? An envelop from "Hello, friend". Remember the give away from In Pursuit of Pretty Things a month ago? I won! And what a perfect timing of getting this beautiful necklace on my birthday! I was more than thrilled. Thank you, Carol and Kathryn for doing this give away.  I put it on immediately.

Let me share some pictures of Tanglewood before I mention some important lessons I learned from this trip.
Look at the amount of people!!!

Kids played games on DSi and iPod touch before the concert started, and during the concert too. 

I looked tired. 
Isn't this pendant adorable?
And it doubles as a clock and a mirror. How clever!
Now, facts about lawn seats and Tanglewood in general.
  • Go early. The concert was at 2:30 pm. We arrived at 1 pm, giving us plenty of time to set up and enjoy the picnic. The ground was open to public at noon. We were there late because of the traffic. It took us about 3 hours to get there. So prepare for the traffic.
  • Bring a beach cart. It's great for rolling your lawn chairs, umbrellas, coolers, and belongs from the parking lot to the concert.
  • Pack a picnic and enjoy. I have seen people with wine bottles, so I don't think alcohol is prohibited. 
  • Don't buy tickets online, and prepare to pay cash. The lawn tickets are $19 each at the gate and online, except online charges $4.50 processing fee for each ticket. The lawn tickets never sell out so pay at the gate to avoid extra fee.  They only accept cash/check at the gate. There might be another place to go to if you pay by credit card, but there is usually a long line. 
  • When you leave the concert, make sure you are on the left lane. The two ways street temporarily turned into a two-lane one way street when the concert ended. We were lucky that we were in the left lane. It was much faster, because it doesn't have to merge later with traffic.
  • Have dinner in town if possible. There is a very nice restaurant in Lee overlooking the lake. This is to avoid more traffic jams at the junction of I-90 and 20, and further on I-90 and I-84. Even better, make it an overnight trip instead of a day trip.
Overall, it was a fantastic concert. The traffic was horrible but it was all worth it. Outdoor symphony is quite different from indoor ones. I love the casual feeling of it and the fact that people can still move around during the concert. Great for families with children. One side note, when Yo-Yo Ma appeared in front of the audience, we all stood up and stretched our necks to take a peek. I lifted my daughter up so she could see better. After a lot of "where, where, where", she finally said, "oh, I see him, the bald guy." It cracked me up. In a child's world, everyone is equal. She doesn't care if she is looking at a world famous cellist.

My birthday cake is from my coworker and friend Linda. She bought my favorite Tiramisu cake from a local Italian bakery and held a surprise birthday party in a conference room today. I am forever grateful that I have a friend like her. XOXO, Linda!


  1. Lol! Oh, Vicky, had to laugh out loud reading your first paragraph. I think after any of us get blogging for a few months, it's so interesting to go back into the archives and see the growth and evolution. I'm glad I was able to provide some crack-of-the-dawn enjoyment for you during your sleepness night.

    What should have been first and foremost though is happy belated birthday! I had to comment after hearing your son use his hard earned allowance money to buy mom's favorite brand jewelry. You've raised good children, and if he's this thoughtful now...imagine what he'll be like as a young adult. Watch out, ladies!

  2. Btw, that is SO interesting how you stumbled across a 2P in the store. You said it must have been a return, but now I wonder if they carry petite sizing in stores? I'm really surprised because both you and PetiteXXS confirmed my thoughts that the material was not so nice, but everyone on Nordstrom online had nothing but good things to say!

    Anyways, not sure if you are also on a quest for a trench, but in MA it can be quite a worthy investment, especially if you get one with a wool liner.

  3. Happy belated birthday. Hope you caught up on your sleep and get to celebrate all week vs. just one day.

  4. PAG - I was just thinking the same thing! Vicky's son has such good taste when he's this young... I can't imagine what he'd be like when he gets older! :)

  5. What a story! I totally agree with the PAG and PetiteXXS, Tristan is sooooo sweet!
    Looks like you enjoyed the party. Too bad I'm in training these days and missed the delicious cake! Happy birthday agian!

  6. Happy late Birthday!

  7. Thank you, Jean. I am blushing now. I am a lucky woman who didn't have much of the discipline problems that other moms complain about. Both of them are very intelligent and loving. And both of them want mommy to be happy. I am simply blessed.

  8. I think the store carries petite sizing because there were a lot of other style petite sized coats. The rain coat material thing is a personal preference I think. I don't like anything nylon or polyester, period. So it explains my opinion on this trench. I wasn't looking for a trench, but now I am. :)

  9. Thanks, Ciupa. I did finally catch up on my sleep. I think this is a great idea to celebrate it for a whole week. I will take whatever excuse to party. :)

  10. LOL. You guys are really cracking me up. :D I will definitely have to show him this post when he is in college.

  11. Thanks, and we should go shopping together to celebrate my birthday week. :)

  12. happy birthday! i love your necklace

  13. Cute dress! Happy Birthday!!! :)

  14. Happy belated Birthday dear Vicky!!!! I wish you all the absolute best for your b-day. Stay as fabulous as you are. It's so cool to hear that you are Leo too - definitely one of my favorite zodiac signs ever :)!!!!



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