Thursday, July 15, 2010

Whites -- a summer staple

I have never felt so overwhelmed since I started blogging. Work and life move on regardless. When there are deadlines, blogging takes second place. In fact, I haven't even taken any outfit pictures since Sunday.  Summer is moving along quickly. We have had extremely hot temperature for an extremely long period of time. (I know you are laughing at me, Sahara, but that's the truth.)  I went for minimum on accessories, because I feel that the piece of extra bracelet or necklace will be adding layers to my already sweaty and sticky skin. (The humidity is killing me too.) I realized last night when I picked out my outfit that I haven't been wearing much white this summer. So I will try to change that now. I love the top for its gold embroidery and bead accent. It's enough of decoration that I didn't feel the need to add more accessories to ruin it. The earrings are a perfect match to the top. It's one of my favorite jewelries and it's from my dear loving husband.

Outfit details:
Top: Loft
pants: Hollister
Sandals: Michael Kors
Earrings: Fine jewelery store


  1. The earrings match your top really well. Blogging does take up quite some time, doesn't it? For me anyways... but I love getting comments and feedback so that's why I do it! Hope things calm down for you a little bit soon!

  2. Thank you so much! I do like getting comments and feedbacks too. Blogging without any feedback is like talking to a black hole. I lose incentives if that lasts for a while. Getting comments at least tells me people out there are reading my writings and they appreciate it. Right?

  3. Haha, But I agree, it is a hot summer, probably very rare in New England? The top is very pretty, as well as the earrings. Hope things get easier at work soon. ( as it'll actually happen. :) )

  4. Thank you, Sahara. I hope so too. That's the nature of our job. It goes up and down in terms of load.

  5. Love the rolled up pants, one of my favourite trends this season! The coral blouse is very lovely, and so are the sandals (the studs on them go so well with the embroidery on the blouse!) All in all: wow!



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