Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posting recently. I went on a cross country plane on Sunday going from Boston to Portland Oregon. The flight took a whole day and I was exhausted by the time I got here. Before I left I came down with some sort of head cold, giving me a headache all day Saturday.  The conference was time consuming too. They kept us busy running from one place to another. Hanging out with my coworkers in a more relaxed out of office setting is very interesting as well. I will talk more about it later once I get more time. I just realized that I haven't gotten a chance to post anything since last Thursday. So I'm going to quickly do an outfit post today on what I wore last weekend. Enjoy. And hopefully I can get more time to write something more interesting later. I will also share some pictures of Portland later on in the week when I get back to Boston.

Outfit details:
Organic cotton dress: Banana Republic factory
Belt: The Limited
Sandals: Aldo.
Bracelet: Loft


  1. What size is that belt? It fits with no extra hanging....! It's amazing what a belt can do for a dress!!!

  2. Funny to see reallypetite's comment below..I was thinking the SAME thing in my head. How is a belt from the Limited (reportely NOT petite friendly) so small in that there is no extra length hanging off?

    Traveling for work can definitely be exhausting. I hope you feel better and get rest before your return to good ole MA.

  3. The belt is XS. The trick to this belt is the clever design. It's actually adjustable in the back. I will do a post on this belt when I get back home. It's actually very clever and I bought three of them of different color.

  4. The belt is XS. The trick to this belt is the clever design. It's actually adjustable in the back. I will do a post on this belt when I get back to Boston. Thanks for the good wishes.

  5. The color is very pretty.I have to agree it's amazing you could find such a fit belt at the Limit! Lucky you! Enjoy the rest of the business outing. :)

  6. Hey, was wondering where you'd gone off to. Welcome back! Love your shoes.

  7. Thank you, Ciupa. I finally came back last night after midnight. So glad to be home again. Flying cross country is a pain in the neck. It's an all day ordeal. And I just learned that I have to do it all again next Month. :( Will visit your site soon.

  8. Thank you so much, Sahara. The belt is very nice, isn't it? I checked the Limited website, and they don't carry them any more. I bought it a few month back in the store. Maybe I'll send an email to them to bring them back...

  9. What an adorable dress! Really like the shape and the color, and it looks so good on you (as usual:))!
    P.S. My email is marianna.branagh@yahoo.com, the sandals are ready and almost packed:)



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