Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Limited belt (product review)

Many of you were curious about the belt I was wearing in this post. I promised that I would do a post on it. Here it is.

The size of the belt is Small. (not x-small that I thought it was). However it doesn't really matter that much. I just grabbed the smallest one available. The top belt is the white belt I wore. Look carefully, in the middle of the belt there is a knot. It's a gliding mechanism. In this picture, I fully extended it. The second belt is the same belt, same size but different color. I adjusted the knot so that it's smaller than small sized Coach belt that is next to it. Notice how far the two tabs are from each other on the blue belt.

Pros: fully adjustable to the tiniest waist possible on a full grown adult.
       decently fashionable

Cons: between the two tabs the belt is double layer, so it's not flat
         I have only used it as a decorative belt, not a functional belt. I would imagine the glider would not stay put if you use it for functional purpose, but I have never tried.

1 comment:

  1. I actually have one of those glider belts too, and on the smallest hole it's close to my waist size (but not quite)... but I agree with you that it makes it a double layer which is kind of a downside.



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