Thursday, July 1, 2010

Amaranth bonbon

Nothing is perfect, right? After I joyfully changed the commenting support from Google Blogger to Disqus, I received a little message from my friend Sahara, asking me what "the heck" I did to my blog. (The words in the quotation marks are filled in by the author.) "I can't comment any more!" She explained. I said no way. After I looked at it today over her shoulder, I realized what was going on. Somehow Disqus over blogger is not supported by Internet Explorer 6.0. What a pain. Firefox, Chrome have no problem. Then later to my dismay, I found out that most of my blogger friends' familiar faces are gone at the comment lines. Since they are not registered users of Disqus, they don't have a profile, so I don't get to see their pictures when I read their sweet comments. I feel really bummed out now. BUT, I like the fact that I can reply to everyone's comments, which I didn't get to do before. I am giving it a bit more time, and see which one I prefer.

Today's outfit is a hot pink shirt that I got years ago from Express. I really love Express shirts. They are usually very flattering. But petites beware. Even though they came out with XXS size this year, they are still made for taller people. So I found out that only certain pieces would fit me, length wise. This shirt is very stylish and simple and doesn't require much accessories. I chose to add a belt. These are two pictures of me with and without the belt. Which one do you prefer?

Outfit details:
Shirt: Express
Capri: Gap
Belt: Express
Necklace: Swarovski 


  1. I've became a recent fan of belts and I love how it adds instant waist definition to any outfit. I never would've thought to belt a button down but I think it looks pretty good on you!

  2. Thank you. I have to admit I didn't think of belting a button down until I stopped by the Express store one day and saw a manikin with a shirt and a wide belt on. :)



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