Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July and Hopkinton State Park

Hope everyone's weekend, long or short, was great! I went and admired fireworks with my family, outlet shopping with hubby, took the whole family to Hopkinton State Park for a beach day on the 4th, and had a wonderful pool party at our house today. Now I'm exhausted. I haven't been extremely good on taking pictures of my outfit. In fact I have totally forgotten about it today because I was busy taking pictures of the kids playing in the pool. Now I'm hoping that the other camera man has some decent shots of me.

This is what I wore to the beach. New coverall from Express. I'm usually not too keen on strapless tops, but it was the deep red color that intrigued me when I picked it up. Plus it was 4th of July, so this was an easy choice. The white jacket is from Miley Cyrus Max Azria line for Walmart in XS. This purchase changed my stubborn opinion on Walmart clothing.  The Miley Cyrus Max Azria line is for their junior selections, and I think that's why it fits me ok. It's 100% cotton, and very stylish. Do check them out next time you are in Walmart. Because I was going to the beach, I didn't bother with my usual Canon Rebel. I took my Pentax Optio M30. This camera is fine in good weather. It does lousy indoor and in cloudy weather. It would have helped if I put in a memory stick, but as you can imagine, being the forgetful me, it somehow didn't get loaded. So I used up the internal memory to take a few pictures and the rest were all iphone shots. Bet you can't even tell the difference.

Outfit details:
Coverall: Express
Jacket: Walmart
Hat: Ralph Lauren
Necklace + Earrings: Swarovski
Sunglasses: Michael Kors


  1. Love outfit!! I love the line that miley cyrus has too! Really nice blazer and I love your hat! :)

  2. Thank you Erika. BTW, are you a blogger too? I would love to check your blog out if you are.

  3. So adorable! Love the color of the coverall and the hat, very chic and summery! Wonderful pictures, make me want to go to the beach even more now:) (it's been a few years)
    P.S. And the sandcastle is so cute!:)

  4. Thank you so much, Asta. I would go to the beach everyday if I didn't have the sun allergy. Really puts a damper on beach going. :( I slather up every time I go, but still gets a reaction no matter what I do. The sandcastle was a joint effort and designed by my two kiddos. They were very proud when they were done. :)

  5. How funny! So I read really good reviews about the Miley Cyrus boyfriend blazer, and i actually ran to order this white one online. Shipping was only $1 something, so I figured why not. When I got it I was so disappointed because the lapel kept falling down and wouldn't keep it's shape. I spent a few hours stitching it down, but then it just looked awkward. Ended up ripping out my stitches and had to drive to walmart quincy to return it. Sigh! Glad you like it though!

  6. LOL, you certainly would go much farther than I would have in terms of clothes. It's a very casual blazer, so I wasn't worried about the lapel falling down. In fact I didn't think it did fall down. So it could be that the shipping somehow caused it? What I do worry about is keeping its shape after washing. I haven't washed it yet, so I don't know.



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