Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Limited belt (product review)

Many of you were curious about the belt I was wearing in this post. I promised that I would do a post on it. Here it is.

The size of the belt is Small. (not x-small that I thought it was). However it doesn't really matter that much. I just grabbed the smallest one available. The top belt is the white belt I wore. Look carefully, in the middle of the belt there is a knot. It's a gliding mechanism. In this picture, I fully extended it. The second belt is the same belt, same size but different color. I adjusted the knot so that it's smaller than small sized Coach belt that is next to it. Notice how far the two tabs are from each other on the blue belt.

Pros: fully adjustable to the tiniest waist possible on a full grown adult.
       decently fashionable

Cons: between the two tabs the belt is double layer, so it's not flat
         I have only used it as a decorative belt, not a functional belt. I would imagine the glider would not stay put if you use it for functional purpose, but I have never tried.

Friday, July 30, 2010

DTTC and Portland (picture overload)

Some of my regular readers have been wondering if I fell off the surface of the earth for the past week. Rest assured. I am still here. I attended Intel's internal Design and Test Technology Conference held in the Oregon Convention Center in downtown Portland, Oregon. I had my point and click camera with me and occasionally requested that my coworkers take some pictures for me for the blog. The conference dress code was business casual, which meant different things to different people. The interpretation ranges from T-shirts and shorts to shirts with ties. Go figure. You can't expect too much from an engineering community. Bunch of nerds get together, it's actually kind of fun.

First day at the conference. I reused the blue top and white shorts combo with a black cardigan for warmth. Sometimes the AC can be brutal.

Some sort of time tracking machine? or it's just an another art decor?
Convention Center artistic decor
At breakfast keynote. The room looks much smaller in the picture. I was standing in the middle of the room.
Outside of the Convention Center

In the light rail (MAX) going downtown. Love the bike rack!!!
Willamette River (taken on the light rail)
Day 2: White blouse with pencil skirt. Very boring, but wait till you see it with the lanyard on. The outfit makes it look like a tie!

Love my hair in this picture. Doesn't the sun do wonders???
Working during break. (This was taken obviously without my permission. I looked completely too serious when I'm working, which has to change in the future... Mental note taken.

Downtown Portland Mall Walkway (changed to jeans in the evening)
Day 3. One of my old friends from Level One Communications (acquired by Intel) took me for a short ride to the Columbia Gorge just to the east of Portland. It's amazing to see nature trails and water falls just a few minutes from a busy downtown.
Cape Horn, there was a very tiny division between the road and the cliff. I can see danger here!!! 
Columbia Gorge Crown Point Observatory
Multnomah Falls
The city of Portland is a lot of fun and it's amazingly clean compared to Boston and New York. The light rail is super convenient and it's free inside the downtown zone. Boston needs to copy that model!!!

I hope you didn't get bored reading this post, because it's so fricking long. I hope everyone have a great weekend! BTW, Sunday is my birthday. I will be spending the day with my family at Tanglewood, the summer home of Boston Symphony Orchestra. Reason I'm going? Yo-Yo Ma is playing!!! I'm very excited to be able to see this legendary figure in person finally.

Finally, a video of Spanish Coffee making at Huber's in downtown Portland. It's quite intriguing. A recipe can be found here.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posting recently. I went on a cross country plane on Sunday going from Boston to Portland Oregon. The flight took a whole day and I was exhausted by the time I got here. Before I left I came down with some sort of head cold, giving me a headache all day Saturday.  The conference was time consuming too. They kept us busy running from one place to another. Hanging out with my coworkers in a more relaxed out of office setting is very interesting as well. I will talk more about it later once I get more time. I just realized that I haven't gotten a chance to post anything since last Thursday. So I'm going to quickly do an outfit post today on what I wore last weekend. Enjoy. And hopefully I can get more time to write something more interesting later. I will also share some pictures of Portland later on in the week when I get back to Boston.

Outfit details:
Organic cotton dress: Banana Republic factory
Belt: The Limited
Sandals: Aldo.
Bracelet: Loft

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Grey with gold

I have been waiting for the temperature to drop a bit so that I can wear this fabulous cotton/cashmere dress I acquired along with the jacket at Theory outlet a few weeks ago. I love this dress completely. Because of its cashmere content, it feels very soft against the skin. It's wearable in four seasons. I'm totally planning on wearing it all the way to the winter with tights and boots. I love its gold tone trims on the sides of the dress and on the front pockets. The golden buttons on the pockets are adorable. It looks great without belt, but if you are looking for a more defined shape, throw on a wide belt, it looks just as nice.
I have to also use this opportunity to thank my friend Sahara for recommending this pair of black sandals from Aldo to me. It's probably the most comfortable sandals I have ever owned. It's very light, and the leather is super soft. It's my new walking shoes. I'm planning on wearing them to my next weeks conference in Portland, Oregon. I will try to take some pictures while I'm there, but I don't know how much free time I will have eventually.

Outfit details:
Dress: Theory
Belt: Banana Republic
Sandals: Aldo
Bag: Coach
Sunglasses: MK
Seahorse necklace: JCrew
Earrings: Banana Republic

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bright yellow -- just in time for summer!

Time to bring out my only bright yellow possession -- the dress. The dress itself is so easy to wear that I didn't have to accessorize with anything else. The only issue with it was the guts to wear such a bright color and walk around in it. Once you pass that, you are all set. It received complete utter oohs and aahs from my friends. Here it is:

The necklace is the Swarovski purchase I made recently. See my review for the 50% sales.

Outfit details:
Dress: Nautica
Bag: Coach
Sandals: Nine West
Necklace: Swarovski (points of light in pink)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Shorts to work, oh yah!

I bet not many companies tolerate shorts as their proper attire. Mine does. Lucky me! Note that I don't wear shorts to work typically, but I recently noticed that some shorts are pretty formal looking. When I looked for a pair of white shorts I had it in mind that I would want to be able to wear it to work. That means the fit and length have to be right. I found that perfect pair in Club Monaco yesterday. See my previous post for the dressing room review.

Outfit details:
Top: Club Monaco
Linen/Cotton Shorts: Club Monaco
Sandals: Nine West
Shades: Michael Kors
Bracelet: The Limited

In pursuit of petite friendly stores - dressing room review

I had a free day on Sunday without any parties to go to, any play dates to arrange, and any house chores to finish. I reserved the day for a mission. A mission to explore for more petite friendly stores. I own a lot of Loft clothes, they simply fit so much better than other stores claiming they have petite clothing, but carried sizes that were ridiculously humongous. (An example is Banana Republic's attempted 00P pants. See Alternation Needed post here.) Seeing beautiful dresses and skirts posted by Carol and Kathryn in In Pursuit of Pretty Things, Anthropologie was first on my list. Also when I saw the Work Outfit post by Coastalpolitan, that pretty floral top really caught my eyes. I decided to put Club Monaco on the list as well. Here are some dressing room photos.

First stop, Anthro. My daughter Jasmine was with me the whole time. She was helping out with taking some of the pictures and giving honest 10 year old opinions. So sweet. I was impressed by how patient she was. One side note, we did go see the movie Despicable Me and had lunch and ice cream at Friendly's before we hit this store, so she was full and happy. This is a dressing room review, not a movie review, but I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed the movie. I think it's one of the best cartoon that came out since Finding Nemo. Also the oldest orphan girl depicted in the movie look a lot like Jasmine. Seriously. :) Ok, on to the review.

This skirt is my all time favorite in the store. I was wearing a size 0, the smallest size they carry. The waist is a perfect fit. Surprise, yes. I like the color of the flowers and the detailing. The skirt is fully lined, and look at the  beautiful lace of the inner layer. The dress was retailed at $120 and was not on sale. As much as I love it, I put it back on the rack.

 This dress is also very pretty. Also size 0, fits perfectly on the waist. As you can see from the second picture, the skirt used a lot of fabric. I could open it up like a fan. The print is very pretty, but the extremely overload of the fabric made my little petite frame look a bit overpowered. And I think it's a bit long for me, since it was made for taller people. The dress was retailed at $98 I think, and was on sale for $49. I hesitated and put it back.
This one looked good when I picked it out, but was so blah on me, I put it back without any hesitation.

 This one is a tough one, and I need your honest opinions. The pattern I think is so so, the material is 100% silk, it feels very nice and well made. The cut is fancy, you cannot see much from these photo, but it has an uneven hem. However, it looks so plain on me in the dressing room. I couldn't put it back because it did look very nice in my hand, and it was on sale for $30 (retail $128). My bargain hunting instinct told me not to put it back and after long thoughts I bought it thinking I could always return it if I don't like it.
My overall experience with Anthro was positive. I was very glad to find that their size 0 actually fit me. Side note, their online store carries petite clothes.

Now on to store #2, Club Monaco. I have to admit, I love, love the look of everything in the store. But how does it look on me? After trying about a dozen different style clothes, my conclusion was that their size 00 fit me on the waist. Their size 00 fitted dresses were made for taller people and not fit for petites.
This is one of the many shorts I tried out size 00. Fits great. I wasn't sure about the two pockets in the front, it looked like I had my shorts on backwards. I instead bought another one I tried on as well, I will do a different post on that one. 

I also tried on some tiered skirts. They all fit nicely, but a little pricey even after the sale. I could easily get something similar from Express at half of its sale price. So it's petite friendly but not wallet friendly. Can't have everything, can I?
This 100% silk dress looked awful on me. I don't know why, but it just did. So no.

A tulip mini skirt that's ok looking, but not worth its price.

I stopped taking pictures at this point because I was so disappointed and tired. Rest of them are all rejects.
I do want to mention that I finally found the perfect white blazer for my husband in Club Monaco. Lucky him.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

White on white

I have thought about doing this look for a long time, I think since April when the air was still cool.  I thought at the time that I would pull out this beautiful dress and I would use no other colors but white. I delayed it week after week because of the scorching hot weather. I just don't see myself donning this dress for a whole day in the 90+ degree days. This morning, after waking up to another hot day (yes, 90+ again), I said to myself, "That's it. I am wearing it today." So I did. And it was off right after the picture session. Oh well, at least I had it on me for a few minutes.

Outfit details:
Silk dress: Heart Moon Star
Cardigan: Loft
Sandals: White House Black Market
Necklace: Swarovski
Belt: Vintage

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Swarovski 50% off sale

If you have followed my little blog for a while you would know that I'm a Swarovski fan. In fact I'm a big fan. As soon as I got their email today about their 50% sale, I went to their website  to browse for selections. Problem was the pictures were so small and blurry, I could not really tell what they look like in person. It so happened that I had to return some clothes at Loft, so I went to the mall after dinner today.  This way I could see them in person. These are the ones I picked out.
Looks so much better in person. I would not have gotten it online.

Points of Light Rosaline Pendant:
This one I like a lot. Online they have this real pretty soft pink, blue (Indicolite) and yellow (Desert Glow). The store only has this pink one. I like the blue one online as well, but it's not part of the sale.

This one is really nice, but I decided not to buy because it's not that special.
The following ones are the ones I don't recommend. It looks good online but awful in the store:
Neither this pink one or the blue one is good in person.,_engraved.html?CatalogCategoryName=9112702&isPromotion=true


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