Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yellow and Blue (part 2)

Now that I started a yellow and blue kick, I might as well finish it off with another outfit I wore last weekend. Yes it was a hot weekend. I was sitting in this outfit and sweating.

I created this planter from individual plants.

The heart shaped buttons on the shorts are so cute, and I matched it with a heart shaped ring.

While browsing through other fashion bloggers posts, I came across a post that reviewed the Goody simple styles spin pin. (Sorry now I can't seem to remember where the original post was so I can give proper credit to the blogger.:( )  Anyways I went to Target and purchased it for $6. Gave it a try. I have severely layered hair so I was very doubtful about this pin. I didn't use any rubber band or hair pins. I simply followed the instruction on the package. It worked very well. Much better than I thought would be. The hair weighed it down after 4-5 hours, but it was so easy to redo it that I didn't mind. Also I think if you put up a ponytail first and then use the spin pins, it'll hold a lot longer. I am definitely going to use it a lot this summer.
As you can see the pins are fairly invisible.
Outfit details:
Top: Loft
Shorts: Delia's
Ring & Earrings: Gifted from a friend
Sandals: Justice


  1. I'll try those spin pins, i think they used to make them years ago and are now bringing them back. Anything to avoid the headache induced by too tight elastic bands!

  2. Yellow and blue make excellent companions.
    Your hair up in the last photo is so nice.
    The earrings are really outstanding and they look good on you. Happy Sunday;-)

  3. I never thought to pair yellow and blue together but it works! Great idea! The top is super cute!!!

  4. Such adorable color of the tank. Pretty and cool look for such a summer day. I need to learn the spin hair do from you. :)



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