Sunday, June 6, 2010

To the piano recital I went

I'm SOOOO relieved that the weekend is over. I have been running around with kids' activities and totally not liking the hectic and stressful life that these days have brought me. Finally with the piano recital out of the way, I'm sitting here sipping home made pearl tea, feeling life is back to normal again. While the kids are super smashing in the family room with Wii remotes, I'm blogging my recital look. I apologize for my serious looks. It's not that I was so unhappy, it's just that I was trying to achieve an "edgy" look with my stud-covered  dress and edgy ring. Turns out my serious look is quite scary. I don't think I'll ever do that again.

Snake ring by Swarovski
Outfit details:
Dress: Express
Necklace: Express
Bracelet: The Limited
Ring: Swarovski
Shoes: DSW


  1. An awsome choice for the recital dress, formal and interesting. YOur story made me laughing. :) I want to see your ring with the bracelet someday.

  2. Thanks, Rong. I would love to show you the ring and the bangle. Dazzling in real life.



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