Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Time to DISQUS, and my LBD!

I decided to take a break from posting yesterday to catch up on visiting the blogs I'm following. Also I decided to take the time to switch over to DISQUS for my commenting tool. Google blogger comes with free commenting capability, but it's such a cumbersome tool compared to DISQUS. I noticed that some bloggers are using DISQUS and loved their interface. When I commented on their blog, the reply gets automatically sent to my mailbox. I don't have to subscribe to all the comments from other people. Also the reply to the comment is indented so you can easily tell who the reply is addressed to. With Disqus, you can view all your comments in one place and you can manage, order the comments in number of ways. It's so cool. I just never found the time to do the switching. It was relatively painless to do and I got this new commenting interface I absolutely LOVE!

Back to my LBD. I got this dress from the F21 visit last weekend. $19.80. Fits like a glove. Unbelievably figure flattering and comfortable. I love the lace details. It's on both front and back. The black cami is built in, another bonus. I am usually not crazy about the bubbly hem, but I think this dress didn't over do it and used just the right amount of extra fabric. Simply love it. Oh by the way, the new heels were killing me yesterday. I love the look of the shoes, but boy, were they uncomfortable! I sometimes can't really tell whether a pair of shoes are comfortable or not when I try them on in the store. Usually they feel fine first, then when I try to wear it to work, it will start giving me grief in a couple of hours.

Outfit details:
Dress: F21
Heels: Nine West
Bracelet: Express


  1. angelinajollieyMay 9, 2011 at 3:31 PM

    I really impress Vicky Duerk dress and image.

  2. Cheers to your LBD and new fondness for disqus.

  3. I hope you all enjoy
    these pictures.  True and interesting
    fact about these pics, these pics are little bit out of fashion but beautiful,
    partially Bracelet is very old.

  4. Love the combination of the shoes and the dress. It really works both ways. Thanks for the pics!

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