Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Silky soft

This silk dress was marked down from $125 to $31 from Banana Republic, and is one of those "too cheap to pass" type deal. I think it was meant to be worn non-cinched, a very flowy and dressy type look. I put a belt on so that I can wear it to work. The cardigan I picked out is a dark purple, which for some reason looks like black in the pictures. A purple patent leather purse goes with it perfectly.

Outfit details:
Silk dress: Banana Republic
Cardigan: Loft
Heels: Calvin Klein
Purse: Coach
Belt: Express


  1. I spotted that purple coach bag! I love the color of your cardigan I can tell that its dark purple its such a rich purple in your purse and cardigan love it! your shoes are cute too and nice accessories with the belt and the detail almost like velcro over the top of your shoe where your toes are I like :)

  2. The colour of the dress looks lovely on you. Good choice

  3. Love the shoes with belts around the ankles. Like how you mix and match everything together. :)

  4. stunning dress, love the color and the cut. sigh...it's times like these when I really miss American stores and sales!



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