Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rain, rain, go away ...

It's been chilly and rainy for a couple of days now. I think the flowers that I haven't got a chance to plant yet are going to die of drowning soon. Sigh. It's funny how a pair of tights can dress up a distressed jean shorts. I even felt comfortable enough to wear them to work. I am very happy that my favorite pair of shorts can get more appearance than just weekends. Something about my hair was funny too. I didn't notice it, but my daughter looked at the pictures and said, "Mommy, your hair is red in the picture." I looked carefully. Of course it is. It looks like I got some sort of red highlights.  More interestingly, that color is what I was planning on getting this summer just for fun. *But, I haven't done it yet!*  This morning the sun didn't come out, so it couldn't have been the sun.

My iphone with catchy sports yellow case

I used it to check out my blog.

I love the details of this T-shirt.
Outfit details:
T-shirt: Loft
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Shorts: Gap
Belt: Gap
Shoes: DSW
Bracelet: The Limited

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  1. I like the interesting details of the shorts. Very stylish.



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