Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Military uniform

I'm talking about the real military uniform here. Not the fake inspired ones that have been loved by fashion industry for many years. I never thought of posting this until I saw my fellow blogger Lida's post today. She was doing a firefighter post. Quite cute. It reminded me of my days in college. I went through 2 months of training in a military camp when I first entered college. It was a required training at the time. I remember hating the uniform. It was so baggy with no shape whatsoever. But now I look at the old photo, it wasn't too bad after all. What do you think?
I'm the one on the far left.


  1. Later they went with pink to blend in with the new China :)

  2. Hi Vicky,
    It's so sweet that you we concerned about me when you heard of the earthquake. Your uniforms were cute, I love that pic you posted. I love seeing the authentic stuff in general - so rare now a days. Great post!
    Love Lida

  3. Wow! you brought back lots of my memory here. My biggest achievement from the training is to fold the blanket in the military style. Bryan is so funny.



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