Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sunny orange

I'd like to start by talking a little bit about where I shop, in general. If you haven't noticed, I'm fairly petite, in every way. I have a very thin waist, so most pants won't fit me. Finding the right clothes that fit me hasn't been easy. I'm sure there is a group of women that fit into the same category as me and have the same problem. The reason why I am talking about it today is because one of my coworkers (male) came to my office and asked me where I get all my clothes. You can imagine the shock on my face. He then explained that his wife is the same build as me and is having a hard time finding clothes that fit. I gave him some pointers including this blog address and hopefully his wife will be reading this article. 
I get most of my clothes from Loft. Reason is that they fit me well. Their style also fit me well. Ann Taylor is too formal for me. I like to look at their dresses, but nothing beyond that. Their sweaters, pants, etc are too boring for me. Remember I work in an engineering company. We don't have a dress code per se. Am I glad for that. I am able to wear my fun stuff to work even and not have to wait for the weekends. So Loft is a must visit store when I go shopping. 
Another store I really like is Express. They are very trendy. Lots of fun to visit. They are targeting younger shoppers, but I'm young at heart. :) I really love their jewelry collection. The belts are nice too.
Banana republic Factory outlet store is another one of my favorite. I like it better than their regular store in the mall. They carry petite sizes. I fit their size 00 ok, still a bit big for me, but I usually wear belts to make it more flexible. 
Karen Millen outlet store is a must visit for occasions dresses. I just discovered that store recently and haven't got a chance to blog it yet. Their sizes run small, which is great for me. It's a European brand and I don't have to wear their smallest size.  Great discounts in the store too.
Calvin Klein is my favorite store to get men stuff. Their prices are very reasonable and their style is great. Unfortunately everything in it is too big for me. So no luck to get myself anything. 
Delia's is a teenage store which has some fun colors and casual shorts and pants that fit me. I don't go there often but occasionally I'd stop in.
Forever 21 is not my kind of store, but a lot of online bloggers swear by it. They are cheap and stylish. But they are cheap for a reason. So if you are looking for quality classic clothing, this is not the right place, but if you are looking for some funky fun stuff, definitely go visit. 
Gap. I have a love hate relationship with Gap. They go in and out of my list, depending on their designers. Some years they do very good, but some years they are disappointing. This year, I fell in love with it, again. They have petite selections only online, but you can return them at store which is convenient.
Jcrew is too pricey for the same stuff that Loft carries. With a good sale, they can be ok.
White House/Black Market. Fit is a problem for me, but I can always find something there, like one of my favorite belts which was featured in my blog a lot, and jackets. 
Then there is department stores, which I really don't visit that often. JCPenney has been off my shopping list for many years. I don't think they have any style. Sears really shouldn't even bother with their "soft side", and stick with what they are good at. Macy's is ok, but I rarely have luck in it.  Nordstrom has the best shoe collections but they are a bit pricey. Lord and Taylor, I don't visit enough to comment.
I haven't even started talking about shoes yet, and this blog is getting too long for me even to re-read it. So I will stop right here and leave the rest to another day. Hope it helps.

I wore this outfit yesterday to match the 90 degree scorching temperature. I love this linen dress. Very flowy, and comfy. People always notice this color. 
Outfit details:
Dress: J Jill
Shoes: White House Black Market
Pearl necklace: auction.
Sunglasses by Kathy von Zeeland
Bag: Coach
Hat: I honestly don't remember where I got it. :(


  1. wow! very good shopping guide for wardrobe! thanks for the effort. Karen Millen is a must vist for me too everytime I went to the outlet,even though so far is just window shopping for me. :)
    Very sunny summer dress. I like the color!

  2. I really love this dress, this shadow of orange is one of my absolute favourites and it looks so good on you! The accessories are great, too (the hat is soo cute!) and the sunglasses are something I have been looking for for quite a while:) In short - wow!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog :-)

    I looked at a number of your outfits and this is one of my fave. You look so darling. White shoes are not easy to pull off, but I like trying to find them and I like your pair. Cute pearls w/the whole ensemble, too.

  4. Thank you all so much for your comments. I didn't expect this dress to give me so much compliments. Now I love it even more. :)



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